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I play from the UK, and I am lucky enough to work from home, and playing the game in the day UK time is pretty much problem free. The problem I have is on the evening when I suppose the servers are a lot more busy - I get freeze ups constantly - I mean pretty much every 20 seconds or so, so I log off / log back on and have the same problems - but only on the evening.

I have run a nettest and all ok, I run Vista and have no log on problems and have patched up fine, but I want to be able to play a game I pay every month for when I want to - not when the servers are quiet! I have even ethernet cabled up to my wireless hub, and get speeds of over 100mbs. Every other online game I have played (WoW / LOTRO / EVE etc) I have had very limited problems. I realise that this is a new game and there will be teething problems, but to have an unplayable game every evening sucks! I have opened ports 7000 - 7500 and the other few that have been mentioned in previous posts.


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