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02-23-2010, 04:10 PM
ok so i have an account with cryptic and have been playing sto for the last 2 weeks now and all of a sudden i cant login to play any more.
so i think ok its probably cause i am from australia and the headstart has finished on my pre order gold edition with 30 days free.
so i go to the website to redeem my key and after punching in the key on the back of my little booklet i am told the key is invaild. so try one of the other various keys i have (which just happens to be the one for the DS9 uniforms).
that takes me to the next page to pick how long i want to play for and how much i want to pay for it.
so i go down to the little choice of useing a game card and type in my game card key again and it tells me that the subsricption service is down.
so i scan the forums for a bit and find that i need a credit card to set up a subscription service before i can do any of that.
i dont know why personally i think its a bit silly that you need credit card info for me to go to the shop and pay cash for a game card.
but i think what the hey and go to set up a credit card card subscription which after submiting all my info it tells me that its an "unknown currency".
now i am thinking WTF.
so i follow all the links for troubles and hassles which then takes me to the ticket page so i click create new ticket and pick billing issues and because there is no relevant heading to my problem i select the "other" option.
to my dismay absolutely nothing happens.
so i try the other options there and again on all of them nothing new little window to write in.nothing. although the links did turn a pretty shade of blue (well done to the programmer who picked the colour).
so now i am here in the forums letting you know there is something wrong with your subscription service.
i am trying not to be an arsehole about and i would be really really happy if you could fix this asap.
thank you for your time in reading this.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-23-2010, 04:24 PM
Damn you got some fin problems there.
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02-23-2010, 04:36 PM
The billing service, from what I hear and could be totally wrong, is using a third party to process accounts, and that third party sucks. Continue to use the game card code until it actually works, do it say every 5 minutes until you get through. The game card and the credit card are essentially the same thing, just something to prove that you are an actual person capable of continued service, and not a BOT for instance.

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