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There is a big problem with powers not triggering properly when they should. I've verified this with others, and its really taking the enjoyment out of the game. This is a lot more noticeable in ground combat, but space combat is where it really gets annoying.

What happens is, you are in the middle of combat, you trigger a power from your power bar, and.. nothing happens. It will sometimes do the warm-up flash on the icon in the tray before reverting to normal, other times nothing at all. Sometimes you end up down in 70% hull before realizing Emergency Power to Shields didn't activate, or your attack buff didn't trigger.

It seems normal weapon fire cycles interrupt actions, but whatever the cause, it's making powers unreliable and you spend more time making sure your ship follows your orders than having fun.

Others I've asked say it happens both when using keybinds and clicking the power directly, so it's not a direct UI issue.

What SHOULD happen is, when a power is pressed or clicked, it should be put in a one-item queue UNTIL conditions allow it to trigger, OR it's replaced by another player action. If weapon fire or some other action prevent it from triggering, KEEP it until the conditions are right.

If someone tries to activate Torpedo: High Yield while torps are cycling, do it AFTER they are done cycling. If your ground weapons special is activating and you try to swap weapons, QUEUE it and swap them AFTER the power has finished. And most importantly, if skills like Emergency Power to Shields are pressed, and they are not on cooldown, you had better make SURE it really activates properly.

In short, make us trust our powers are going to function when we press those buttons. Pressing them repeatedly just to make sure they activate in the heat of things is not fun, especially seeing as we are already busy with the space bar just trying to keep our weapons firing.

- Bek
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02-23-2010, 04:23 PM
i get this all the time and also another bug that is almost the same is when you try to attack an ememy ship (pve) and it SAYS you are doing dmg because of numbers..but they dont lose any shield power or hull and it has been going on since beta.
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02-23-2010, 04:37 PM
Same thing here - I have submitted a couple bug reports on it with no avail.
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02-23-2010, 05:02 PM
I too have noticed this when activating powers with both the keyboard and with mouse clicks. It can put you in a dicey situation in PvE -- not to mention PvP -- where it's even more frustrating.
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02-23-2010, 09:15 PM
This is the same issue I had in Champions Online (and one of the main reasons I stopped playing that game). One of the primary reasons that was being circulated in the CO forums by the devs was that graphical displays were taking precedence over the actual mouse or keyboard command (meaning power A would have to finish 'displaying' before your click to activate power B would work). They were working on the issue, but since I no longer play that game I don't know if they resolved it. From what I can tell of ST:O, they have not.

Another issue I have that is uniquely ST:O is that activating skills (Cannon - Rapid Fire, High Yield Torpedoes, Jam Sensors, anything) interrupts my cannons, meaning my weapons stop firing. All of them. That sucks royal moose ass considering that all the skills are short duration, and basically I'm getting short-changed by a couple seconds each time I activate a skill. An additional 2 seconds of Rapid Fire is A LOT from a T3 escort.

Content will come, bugged missions will be fixed, but this is the kind of stuff that will drive people from the game. People that accept the birth pains of a new MMO. The UI lag was so bad in CO I stopped playing and it looks like the same coding issues have migrated here. This issue is a game-breaker for me. I draw the line at not being able to activate powers/skills reliably. I have a life-time subscription, but I WILL CANCEL if this issue isn't fixed. I don't think a reliable UI is too much to ask from any game, even at launch.


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