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# 1 Rather "thin" survey
02-24-2010, 10:51 AM
Ok.. a survey.. good option.. BUT.. too general..

Yes, I am sure that because of the volume of players a "general" idea of game play is "nice". Only imho it does not collect enough information..

In general from the posts I've seen here.. people would like the following (of course subject to 15% error on my part)

1) more ST content, for quests.. like "lots" of quests.. even multi-legged quests..

2) equal footing for both Fed and Klingon races, it's already been said people would like more PvE content to "build" a klingon character. I know currently that option is "unlocked" after a Fed toon reaches a certain limit, but I am sure some would prefer to start a Klingon from the "get go".. Will there be other races? Romulan? Reman? etc. Each with their own special talents.. (job security for the programers)


3) more ship interiors.. which I believe Cryptic is working on which of course all players are grateful for the continued efforts.

4) Epic quests? In various other games (from my experience) there were instances that a person faced challenges.. what we have currently.. um.. lacking..

5) expand "space".. when a person saw the "Best of Both Worlds - TNG" and the Enterprise held the BORG's attention at the nebula, the Admiral told Picard that the closest "help" was six days away, so all the ships were grouping at a mid point.. Wolf 359.. How do "days" get reduced to 1 - 5 mins between systems?

6) hey Spock.. the crew is not safe.. Something like this might be nice.. destroy a star? Outrun another ship's warp core breach? find a lost ship? or more rescue's of people in trouble, although I think the Klingons don't rescue people unless they can get valued data/tech from the efforts.

7) upgrade loot tables.. I've seen the various batteries.. but they all seem "one size fits all", we have sm/md/lg hypo's, why not batteries.. ?

various tweaks needed for like BO's who get stuck.. suggest "site to site" beaming.. Also, if we have the odd "red-shirt" in the group.. well.. they are going to die.. (did that alot in the orginal series)..

8) I am sure it's been mentioned, but more ship designs.. or more customization.. as such we've see very few "sausered" vessels.. most are more a modern look, nice but I think Trekker's want a more traditional feel. As well as a more specific role.. With the various series, we had the Stargazer, Kelvin, Reliant, 1701, 1701A, B, C, D and then E..

Ships like the Excellsior were considered "Space control ships" to have a loadout of fighters.. lets see some of that.. (with various role fighters)

Then the "crafting" um... thing... I'm already running around with better stuff, so then why upgrade a Mk 1 to a Mk 2 when I have Mk X ? Would be nice maybe to have a library computer that might tell me what crafting recipe's I might "qualify" for with the items I've collected before flying across the vast expance to find I am short a few items.

9) maybe the possible chance a BO dies during an attack, they are not sitting in child safety seats! A ship gets rocked about, a console explodes.. and "random" ensign jumps in to take the place of a senior who's been taken to sickbay or... been sucked out that hole in the hull..

Reason being, if our toons are "invunerable".. what's the sense of weighing the cost of engaging in combat.. as Sarak said.. "At what cost.. your ship, your son.. " knowing you could loose a valued member might make things a little different.. more realistic..

Well.. just a starting point.. everyone chime in.. Hopefully Cryptic will make note of some suggestions..


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