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# 1 Off map anomalies
02-24-2010, 11:06 AM
Recently my ship scanners have started pointing me toward anomalies that are not in the current map. This is on multi map missions. Kassae is one example, but it happens any time the mission has a "Warp to X" segment.

Anyone else getting this.

Started with the last update I believe.
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# 2
02-24-2010, 11:30 AM
I've only been playing about a week, and this happened to me once so far. Was taking care of anomalies before approaching the planet and triggering the mission. Anomaly led me off the map and never showed up. Turned back around to go to planet to begin mission, and the mission never triggered. No biggie. I just warped out and warped back in and things were back to normal. Tis a minor inconvenience (rather like anomalies on ground missions that you can't scan), and they, for me at least, are few and far between. But yes, it has happened.
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# 3
02-24-2010, 11:50 AM
Yeah, that is always been that way. If you are in a multi-map system (certain quests do this) it will point you to one that is not in your current 'map'.

However, that is only the case, or should only be the case, if you've already got all the ones in the current area.

I really think they should do a re-work on ALL anomalies to prevent them from spawning in objects, underground or on top of decorative objects such as stone pillars in addition to fixing the off-map issue.
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# 4
02-24-2010, 04:26 PM
I've had a ticket in for quite some time on this very problem. Conveniently enough, I've figured out that if the direction is on a perfect 90 degree angle from my position, the anomaliy(ies) almost certainly lie on an "adjacent" instance map.

Fortunately, this only seems to happen with space-space and ground-ground maps ... and doesn't cross-connect space to ground maps (which would be beyond annoying).

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