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so here comes the massiv multiplayer online internet spacesship nerdrage Thread
can skip this all if you have a premade or dont suck at pvp)

I understand that for you dedicated Feds pvp aint the the main concern but somehow it realy saddens me what you do in pvp matches (and you too i guess)

Besides the craploads of guides, qq and nerf thisandthat threads, i wonder how you can be so bad at this game

While everyone likes to win, on my way thru t2 there where maybe 4-5 matches that were fun no matter who won the rest was a pure slaughter and far from enjoying
But the sad part is as soon as i jumped in my k tinga i got even worse
At one point i took out 3 ships in a row and got away
Not cause i am the uber pvper but because zero skill on the opposing side
And because the ktinga as 4 front slots

the main reasons you lose are
- Lack of teamplay
- Wrong energy settings
- no eps consoles (just a guess)
- crap fitting
- no clue how to play your chosen ship
- fitting mines (that means free win for klinks)

it doesnt take a premade to win vs a pug klingon group
when we died it was due to

- getting poped out of cloak + torpedos
- getting tractored in front of an escort + torpedos
- getting poped while trying to kill some dude that just flies of
- facing ff + torpedos

so since i dont what to offend you feds or cry i am writing down to help me getting more fun in pvp games and helping you to use what you got at a better rate and to keep you at pvp and not getting frustrated with it

even if i go against mainstream with this
to win as a klink means to spam your abilities and do as much dps as possible
getting shut down even for a short time while patterns crf whatever is on will hurt more than a debuff or leakin damage
your main targets will stay as long in the fight as they have shields and aint made of bricks, some tickin dot wont kill them( or debuff) .. 2 sec without engines while evasive maneuvers will
or on the other side 2sec without shield and a quantum (remember) will ruin a klinks day
tetryon on the other side is awsomesauce vs feds
I dont know if this is true vs klinks too (someone got some experience with them?)

science team rsp hyt emergency power to engines/shields should be mandatory

l2watch your cds
dont waste them use what you got before the cd of an abilitiy is gone you should know if to use it

many of you click..
dont arrange your skills in a row make groups like 2,3,4 6,7,8 of skills that are used at the same time
(ie attack pattern alpha + rapid fire + hyt or sience team + epts)
this makes it easier to use your keyboard

everytime i do pvp on my fed i want to smack my head on a wall cause you guys just dont group up

l2not stand still
ball up but dont stand still fly in close circles
why? you will drift away making targeting a little harder and keeping klinks from approaching to close because of

use it, time it, trigger it right
if you cant go ask someone who can to teach you

l2 eps console
nuff said

l2 focus fire
if you see 2-3 of your mates fire on one target join em no matter what
if you see crossfire, target the weakest or best target (firing arcs)
and use your torpedo either the shields fail or the ffed bop will cloak if the hyt hits, 1 point to you

l2torpedo + hyt and not to mine or aoe
equip the XXXXX a quantum
the few times the bops/raptors are in your firing arc make sure it will hurt
doesnt matter if its front or back fitted (since klinks always approach, their front shield are most likely to fail) i never died to a freakin mine but hyt quantums made me finish my die to feds quest (that and some other stuff
no matter what you play, you need burst hull damage so fit a qantum + hyt

okay here is an exception that spread torpedo skill is sometimes handy to pop cloaking bops
it realy is a pita to die because of this

l2evade (if you use an escort take this seriously)
if you see 5 ugly mates (and the occasional lolicon chick/ bubblehead midged) decloak at one side and pounding on you: GTFO use eng batteries/evasive maneuvers to get out
not only will they 9/10 times stick on you but they expose them to your mates fire and more often then not they waste their abilities
if they are spread around dive up/down out of the firing arc
after they target someone else go back in

dont spam it
if an escort hammers on an bop or dogfights with it help him if he tries to cloak use it
just dont spam it to early

l2beam and overload
don fit duals on your cruiser ...
yeah maybe you pop one but he will remember you and stay out of your arc

watch what boff skills are used dont fire on an rsp bop/ktinga

fitting turrets only (+ a quantum remember) sounds like crap but with crf this can realy hurt + it is full 360 and wont trigger feedback pulse (and that can be pure win!!!!)

l2 Ktinga
comes when i am in t4
just dont approach it head on if he has cannons...he will bum **** you

ffs fit cannons hyt crf + eng or sci team + ept shields/engines or tractor + rsp in t3
while beams offer some good 1vs1 ability 1vs1 doesnt win matches and the burst of rcf is what kills stuff (and a quantum)
you are the first one to get shot
set your energy to engines once the ff starts dodge out 10km return and target someone with shields already damaged and energy to weapons dont forget to torpedo

l2cruiser (rsp that is)
no freakin duals or fire at will
beam overload is sometimes (!! not allways) pretty good if followed by a torpedo
flaking (turrets + crf) can realy hurt
you will be the last to get shot at so aid your mates with teams (doing so will buy time to get teams of more then once so dont be afraid you wont sacrifice yourself) and do as much damage as possible broadside or flak and keep your torpedo ready
if you are for what ever reason in ff before any escort - evasive maneuvers at least buy your mates time.
time your rsp, somewhere between 80% and 60% hull. Torpedos are damn sure on their way just dont pop it to early

stick with turrets/arrays in t2
in t3 dbs are actually quite good
your main concern should be to pop the bops out of stealth cc the heaviest damage dealers (that aint those dudes with beams
as much as it hurts to read your damage abilities are subpar to what your cc/aid abilities can do
use target subsystems (shields or guns) on stuff that is ffed or heavy dpsers (raptors)
keep your black holes for pve stuff

So after reading this will you own klinks?
Hell no but if you are at least a little like me the a 13/15 game is what you want no matter who wins
Cause those are the matches why we should do pvp

no not for freakin badges...
for gameplay

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