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# 1 Branches in Missions
02-24-2010, 11:54 AM
It is small, but it would be nice if there were diplomatic and combat resolutions to some missions (I would like it to be in a LOT of missions, but I realize there is a structure that would have to be put into place for missions to have this.)

It is irksome when my Bridge officers ask me a question like "Would you like me to put it onscreen?" and my response is "Continue". While this is a lame example, it is the one that pops up the most and reminds me I do not have choices in the missions ( I cant even fail, but that would be another thread.) When presented with an apparent choice, the game is making it for me and it comes across as an interactive novel (which is not bad, just irksome as I said)

I do realize the task you guys have performed in putting this game out at all, but going forward it would be nice to see some missions that can make me feel as though I am acting like the captains I have seen on the show. Very few of their mission were Purely Diplomatic or Combat or Scientific. As of now I like the Scientific/Combat missions you have going on, but the Diplomatic missions do not feel "Diplomatic" without some sort of branching in the conversations.

Some of the Diplomatic Options I would like to see in the future are...

- Be able to offer an opposing ship the chance to surrender (which would be SCHWEET in PVP! and would be an awesome option with a Death Penalty enacted.)
- Have options when an NPC asks a question.
- Maybe add a stat that shows how we tend to solve these new missions via Combat or Diplomacy (like the Renegade/Paragon in Mass Effect.)
..... If you are "known" to be Diplomatic, Alien races may present more diplomatic options or try to take advantage of your peaceful nature.
..... If you are "known" to be more Militaristic aliens may attack you on site if you are weaker or surrender outright if you are >10 levels above them but then try to feed you false info about the mission.

This, I feel, would add some interesting re-playability to missions because you could try them out and do a different branch of the mission.

PS. and easy fix for the example above that would help with immersion would be to have the Bridge officer say, "The Romulans are Hailing us." and have the option that pops up be "Put it Onscreen."

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