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# 1 PVP questions
02-24-2010, 11:47 AM
So, maybe there is a point i didn't understand...

I was in a PVP arena... alone, for about 1 minute. There were no enemies. Then a teammate joined... but during this time 5 enemies joined. There was no chance, first points to the enemies... During this time some other teammates joined somewhere in this arena, but the match was lost before we could gather the first time. It took some time before the 2vs5 got a 5vs5, and the match was lost before it really began.


So the question is... Why can a PVP match not begin when both sides are EVEN ? A match should be frozen until it is 5vs5, then the round should begin.

So please, take my question serious... what is the idea behind these uneven matches ? Why is there no official start for a PVP-round ???
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# 2
02-24-2010, 12:55 PM
I don't know but I totally agree. PVP is so broken it's no where near fun. There are 2 big problems that need fixed:

1. Games should not start before teams are even.

2. Your team should not all spawn at different locations. This makes regrouping nearly impossible as federation (BECAUSE WE CAN'T ALL CLOAK AND GROUP UP).

If I hadn't already canceled my subscription (due to there not being a respec skill point option) I would certainly cancel it now that I've tried PVP and seen how broken it is. It is hard to believe you can make PVP in STO that much worse then WoW.
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# 3
02-24-2010, 03:15 PM
Absolutely right.

I play both sides... for me as a Klingon it is no problem to gather with others, thx cloaking, waiting for teammates to spawn. Teamplay is much easier when i play Klingon. You can build a team, prepare for battle when cloaked and so on...

There it is no problem when u r alone on the map, waiting for some teammates to spawn. But on federation side they are hunting you when you are alone.

When i play Klingon side i have to say, ok its really funny to hunt when teams are uneven... but thats not the way it should be!

I HAVE NEVER SEEN A GAME THAT HAS NO OFFICIAL ROUND BEGINNING... There has to be a ready up for each player or something. Federation side has the most time to react on Klingons actions, but in some matches it is impossible because of that weird PVP-situation.

So is there an idea behind the present PVP, is it bugged or not ready or is it a joke?

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