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# 1 BO dialogue popup in combat
02-24-2010, 12:58 PM
This needs a change, I believe. It almost sends a message like "this isn't even worth reading" to me when you're fighting several enemies and all of a sudden a paragraph gets thrown in your face on a screen with no opacity. I was on a borg mission where you had to reprogram damaged drones and at one point there were 3 dialogue windows from my engineer, one right after another, all in combat. What did she say? No clue, clicked X.

Wouldn’t it be better to break the officer’s dialogue into smaller bits and have it slide across the notification bar? This was done in the Q mission to save Sisko and I thought that was handy to put it there.

If you can put a thumbnail portrait of who is addressing you in there, that’d be great, if not I was thinking:

NAME OF OFFICER: Text goes here.

The window should only be used when there will be no fighting in the near future, i.e., the next few minutes or so.

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