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Sup all, there is something I notice in a few threads around, I dont want to be harsh or anything but is the same old story, repeating again and again, people get into an mmo, and they start:

Hey I dont like this, nor this.. and that...

this should be

This way, and that way...

In the end they want it to different that is no longer an mmo, plz, go and play other genre and forget about mmo... people say omg is like WoW, well I will let you know that WoW is an mmo too....

Like racing games, they have cars, tracks, speed, and such. Imagine me, complain each time a new need for speed hit the shelves, OMG MORE CARS!!! WHEELS, SHIFTS, ENGINE, BRAKES!!!!!! change that! plz do something different, let the cars have turbines and fly in the air!!!! Flysims exist u know....

People get into mmos, and they expect it to be like an FPS, RTS, or something like that... others expect something bigger from this IP... but IP or not... the mmo is mmo, and the business around mmos is the same...

It is so bad to read a big wave of threads about quits and rants.... all of them with some reasons, but in the end they propose a solution that cant be digested by the mmo industry...

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