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# 1 Cardassians Lakarain Fleet
02-24-2010, 04:20 PM
Cardassians Lakarain Fleet was formed in response to the unlawful suppression of the Cardassian Union and her citizens. We sided on one side that of the betterment of the citizens of this Union and to advance the union and her allies. We Call to all the willing to fight the good fight to join us in are adventures. Fight for you survival, fight side by side with your brothers. The Lakarain Fleet fights with the honor and bravery that the Cardassian people are renown for through out the quadrant. We vale to uphold the union and any foe that undermines this effort will be dealt with swiftly and violently. The time is close at hand make your choose, but chose wisely join the Lakarain Fleet. Donít become a enemy if you are already dedicated to a fleet the decision is simply ally with us. We shall raise our Cardassian ale in victory at the fall of all that stand against our great empire. Thank you for visiting the home of the Lakarain Fleet. Join Now swear to uphold our banner in victory for all of Cardassians.

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