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In my simple opinion, few things that can bring the game around to at list my expectations,

First the Sector space the universe, OUR Universe where everything starts at this moment
it looks like board game ,
this is not necessary the same method that was used to do the Solar System can be used to do the Universe the universe is vast is like you are in the center of the ocean but many times more, there for all is needed is the illusion of movement like stars in a distends not the snowflakes that are now.

Going from point A to point B is done like that you talk to your helms officer and he presents a list of locations that you can select from, or find in the stellar mops and enter cornets to the navigation consol then you get your ETA based on your maximum warp speed like 1 min to like 30 min, but donít be alarmed your long voyage to your mission will have sum encounters along the way depending your ships sensor strength your science officer will have more luck finding points of interest guiding to short mission like helping a ship that needs repairs or assisting a ship that is under attack in that event you will warp to it like you do now and when you dune you resume to your destination,
so all that is done is the time passing and a dice rolling giving other events at the meantime ,

also at all this time you will be in the ship doing other things .when you arrive to the destination you will be in solar in the mission so the ship will be your home not the sector space .

If you all like, what I wrote I have more solutions for the rest of the games aspects if not I probably donít write anything if you donít like my grammar correct it then ridiculing it use your coconut you can see where I came from

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