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02-24-2010, 04:47 PM
Just a quick note to thank the developers for coming up with a lot of the cool content in game. While I'd certainly like to see more, I think it is obvious that the developers are Trek fans and have included a sense of fun in the game. In particular, I am fond of the subtle references to previous episodes (the mine-field developed on DS9, for example - it struck me as particularly amusing since I had just watched that episode the previous day). And of course the more obvious stuff is great (the Mirror universe thread, or the request to destroy the borg spheres...with feeling...which definitely had me laughing out loud).

While I'd be the first to acknowledge that I'd like to see some things improved, you guys have created some missions that are actually interesting to talk about with Trek fans who aren't into gaming.

Oh - and it's nice to see the servers much more stable lately, too.

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