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Just a thought, but it would be nice if when you get to level 45 all the fleet actions in the game scale up to to level 50 of something. As its all just instances it should not be too hard to do, so low levels can still do it at the right point during the game but for the people at the end game, they get their own instance and it will allow them to go back and fight in the fleet action that they enjoyed and still be competitive for them.

At the moment you can go and redo one but its very easy and the higher level players end up doing more damage and stealing the rewards from the lower level players.
I may have this wrong but as I understand it they are going to cap them so that a level 45 could not go back in and do starbase 24 or halting the gorn advance. Or will we still be allowed in, just not getting the rewards?
But if you really enjoy doing them you should still be allowed to go back in and complete them at a competitive level without messing up the lower level players who are doing it for the first time. Perhaps some high end rewards could be added.

It would add a little extra to the end game.

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