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Hey everyone! I'll keep this short and simple just to get some feelers out there. I'm a dedicated experienced MMO player that puts a lot of time into them but doesn't treat them like life or death situations. I've been playing ST:O since open beta and am a HUGE Star Trek fan. I already have one RA 5 tactical officer with a fully stocked Mk X ship, and an engineer alt who's CAPT 2 (I'm workin him up quickly tho).

Basically, with the new content patch (hopefully containing end-game raids or something similar) on the horizon, I was looking for a Fleet that will be experiencing this end-game content AS SOON as it becomes available. I'm looking for a group of dedicated players that enjoy all things Trek, will coordinate and organize proper groups for these fights, and most importantly players who have a great balance of working hard to achieve a goal... without taking things TOO seriously.

Last thing of note in I'm in Ontario, Canada EST time zone (+3hrs server) so raid start times in and around 4-6pm server time would be best

Send me a msg in game or reply here!
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Lt. Commander
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02-25-2010, 05:42 PM
if you want to join a great fleet, check out
We have TeamSpeak3, IM service, dedicated servers for the fleet, forums and irc room. There is always at least one person online playing STO. So it won't be too hard to find a person to help you out with quest or join you in PvP matches. Mandatory fleet meetings, also we have people from Europe, Australlia, and the US. We are a bunch of Star Trek fans, and I'm sure you'd enjoy being apart of this fleet.

Look for me in game Zombie Chan@zombie_chan if you have any question.

Hope to see you as an officer of the Starfleet Headquarters.

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