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# 1 3 quick suggestions
02-26-2010, 12:29 AM
I have a habit of rambling so I shall make this short =P

1. Can we have a terminal on the bridge where I can quickly look up the lore of Star Trek, from Enterpeise (and before if poss would be nice and immersive) right up to current in game time. Basically a library terminal on bridge.

2. And/or a terminal on the bridge that I could use to just peruse the Star Trek wiki, an in game browser would be nicer though, xfire gets all memory hungry with its built in one.

3. Bonuses to ship parts when customizing. I.E. We have the standard as is now parts, but can you introduce some sort of blueprint drop that when built will produce a ship part that has special effects. And say a bonus when used as a set, kind of like the way CoX has with enhancements.

Just some light ideas any feedback/flaming/trollling would be nice I miss the attention :p

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