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# 1 More Ranks
02-26-2010, 01:00 AM
Will there be more ranks of Admiral?? e.g Rear Admiral Higher Half,Vice Admiral,Admiral and Fleet Admiral???Also adding new officer positions like a first officer and second officer

I would like to see a new ranking system were higher ranks are harder to get to keep us intrested in the game.(Leveling wise i mean) Ranks at the moment are too easy to obtain. Lower ranks and top ranks should get more missions to expand game play. I understand why cryptic wants players at the top rank eg so we can have access to the raids etc but still a better rank system would bring longer life and more gameplay.What about making admiral ranks harder to achieve and give them more powers and command options.

Very Hard ****
Extremely Hard*****

What if the ranks went like this...

Cadet: Start of STO.

* Ensign lvl1-10: Get command of runabout under an admiral.

* Lieutenant Juinor Grade Lvl 1-10:Command Runabout & 1 bridge officer.

** Lieutenant Lvl 1-10: Command Fighter craft(Tactical),Repair ship(Engineering),Scout(Science) & 2 Bridge officers.

*** Lieutenant Commander Lvl 1-10: Command Tier 1 ships or a frigate & 4 bridge officers.

*** Commander Lvl 1-10: Command tier 2 ships & 6 bridge officers.

**** Captain Lvl 1-10(Legendary Rank):Command tier 3 & 4 & 5 ships & 8 bridge officers.

**** Rear Admiral Lower Half Lvl 1-10:Command a new tier 6 ship line which includes carriers & 10 bridge officers(one of these officers can access Capt rank).

(The following ranks are limited for players:Reserved only for the best)

***** Rear Admiral Lvl 1-10:command Tier 1 starbase to protect your starbase(These ships cannot leave the system your starbase is located)(Cryptic decides what starbase you command as there are a limited number)(Not all players can exceed above Rear admiral)

***** Vice Admiral Lvl 1-10:Command Tier 2 starbase & 1 support ship to protect your starbase

****** Admiral:Lvl 1-10:Command tier 3 starbase & 2 support ships

******* Fleet Admiral:Get 2 additional support ships to protect your starbase.

Let me know what you think

Ive forget to add in more ranks would need more missions to supplement them.For now the rank system will do until cryptic can make alot more missions for every rank to complete.More content in the game aswel as attracting more players would be a big boost. I love this game already and there is lots to do but ranking up atm is far too fast.These ranks are also cannon i might add.
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02-26-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by Tyron_Jara
Will there be more ranks of Admiral?? e.g Rear Admiral Higher Half,Vice Admiral,Admiral and Fleet Admiral???
I am guessing that that is the plan.

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