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02-26-2010, 03:54 AM
So far I like STO. A few things for visual immersion I would like to be able to do is:

1. Be able to shut off the visual shield rings. I use the UI to see shield status and I think it would make the combat feel more action packed with seeing the shield hits and maybe some new animations on hull hits?

2. I do not mind ships blowing up but every single one? Maybe one that breaks apart and disappears into space debris. Also instead of the ship stopping in the exact spot possibly have it continue to move in the direction it was last traveling as it blows up disintegrates?

3. This is kind of a big one and so far no one has disagreed with it. I do not mind all the instances but when you load into a planet why cant sector space look as nice as this. I know you cant render every little detail like a planetary area but at least the background and get rid of the grid and the shipping lanes?

3a. As a sub to this maybe also a secondary instance area for further depth. Meaning redo the exploration mission areas and instead add a solar system instance to the systems we go to. Then we can travel between different planets in the solar system and find ships in distress / first contacts / random encounters / more options with PVP. I think it would make the game world feel bigger.

It just seems that the sector map that we travel between systems is superficial and is what is making the game feel less polished than it really is. Maybe the systems instead of looking like blue grid balls with rings they could be made to look more solar system like? Slightly rendered planets orbiting a sun and instead of that being the main instance it loading to a solar system that from there we travel to X mission planet and I think it would give you the developer more opportunity to approach the player with more Exploration/PVP/ground combat/space combat options.

Otherwise good game so far Cryptic. Hopefully with time it will become a great game,

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