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Listed below are a bunch of mission bugs that aren't complicated and that devs at cryptic already should be aware of, can we get an ETA or something on when these will be fixed?

Anomalies giving only T1 reward on later tier missions.
This occurs on the copypasted exploration missions, such as scan system or abandoned research lab.

Anomalies that gives nothing when scanned on missions.
Also something occuring on exploration missions, these are anomalies that only tells "info obtained" when scanned, but doesn't do anything else.

Anomalies spawning at unreachable positions.
Exploration missions, anomalies spawns in unreachable positions and staying there just to obstruct scanning for mission objectives.

Irremovable fires on missions.
I'm sure most players kept their fire extinguishers gotten via the early gorn missions. It's quite a disappointment to later find fires on a missions under similar circumstances and then be unable to extinguish them.

Enemy Scientist rezzing.
Healer NPCs should not be able to revive NPCs that has been killed via vaporization from the expose -> exploit hit combo.

Instant Kills.
This applies for 2 enemies, the reman commander and klingon dahar masters. Both of them are able to deal high shield piercing damage which can instantly kill the main character of a player without giving any chance for retaliation. Klingon Dahar masters are able to perform 500-600 single "flanking" hits which are "flanking" despite of the target is facing him. Reman commanders are able to summon assistants which together with him instantly strikes for 250+ shield piercing damage.

Waypoints/pathfinding for away team.
This is 2 problems really, the first problem is away team members getting stuck at walls or edges which they will "unstuck" from one you order them to move to a specific location. The second problem are maps that has elevated areas with railing at the edges. The away team doesn't jump to get past the railing, resulting them getting stuck behind the railing instead.

Pointless interactive things.
This occurs mostly on the main storyline missions. There's injured civilians and whatnot which you can interact with, however doing so results in absolutely nothing. I'm not sure if this is simply something that there's to help immersion or if it's simply something leftover like the bugged anomalies.

Odd NPC detection.
This occurs in all missions, where if you get too close to a group of "idle" hostile NPCs, they will immediately cease whatever they were doing, stand up and face towards your character but without going to attack. Now this is just just plain odd in game as they should either never have noticed you in the first place, or be attacking you.

Item Crate interaction animation.
It looks stupid when your character gets down on their knees, and then holds their assault weapon/rifle oddly in one outstretched hand when using an item container. I'm pretty sure the weapon is supposed to be hidden when that happens but not.

Away mission weapon Secondary Fire interruption.
I use my weapons alt. firing mode, the firing animation happens, my character is knocked back or disrupted by something, the weapon secondary fire is now on cooldown and without having dealt any damage. This happens sometimes, sometimes it doesn't go into cooldown.

Broken Hold/Stun/Root/Slow resists
Certain resistance types do not work at all, as evident in that your away team can permanently hold down an enemy with repeated gravimetric shift and that motion accelerator doesn't actually render its user immune to all holds/roots/slows.

Space mission object interactive range.
This is when you approach some mission object, press F to use it and then the progress bar disappears at 10%. Which continues to happen unless you move closer to the mission object.

Space NPCs spawning inside terrain.
This happens on many different missions and the best example would be "the borg hunt" on kerrat system where enemies spawn either asteroids or structures and are thous invulnerable because you can't target them. In best cases you're able to fly your ship into the same structure/asteroid which allows you to shoot them down. In worst cases you can't but somehow they're perfectly able to target and shoot you.

Space NPCs spawning outside area border.
This happens on DSE missions where the enemy spawn zone is close to the map border. An enemy can spawn outside of it, making it perfectly visible to you and you can even target it but it's impossible to shoot or use any abilities on it. It's not able to shoot back either.

DSE super mob clusters on top of spawn.
I don't even know if this can be considered a bug, but it is evident that players don't really like it when they respawn or enter a DSE instance only to be immediately shot at by 3 battleships 4 cruisers and 6 frigates. This becomes an even more important issue if death penalty was implemented in the game, since it's often an "oops you die and you can't do anything about it" thing.

Jam Sensors breaks NPC AI
The Jam Sensors skill breaks the AI on any NPC that uses the "evasive maneuvers -> approach -> drop torpedo" AI, this includes galor, mogai escort, late tier klingon cruisers and a few other stops. They just stay still and do nothing.

Jam Sensors not having proper effect on NPC
The Jam Sensors skill only prevents the NPC from targeting the ability user, which causes the NPC to simply switch target rather than not being able to target anything at all.

Mission conversation popup windows during critical times.
Previously, mission conversation windows popped up as soon as possible which cause a lot of bother due to the "stop ship and everything when mission conversation window appears" setting being on by default. Most of this has been addressed now and it's nice to see them not pop up until the player is safe and outside combat mode. However there's still many missions where this is a problem. The mission "a crack in the mirror" where the message pops up as soon as you defeat ISS.Molly is a prime example. Players risk getting caught and killed in the *warpcore failure* explosion right after they kill molly because there's suddenly a huge window of text blocking their view.

Proceed mission missing after declining.
Mostly appearing on exploration missions: on the missions where a player has to approach a planet or asteroid base and then send the away team, if they decline sending the away team the message window closes without leaving any further interaction options. This means that the player has no mean of sending down the away team later and has no choice but to drop the mission.
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02-26-2010, 05:45 AM
Well, assuming that you've bug reported all of these things the short answer would be 'eventually'. I should point out, however, that a number of things on your list are relatively minor or tend to occur only rarely and so are less likely to be dealt with at a high priority level.

Some of these things have been issues that cropped up in Beta (particularly one object spawning inside another one and the off-map spawns) and have been reduced, but not eliminated. At least I haven't seen any of my away team fall through the ground lately, or walk through terrain up to their necks.

The interactive civilians, such as the injured aboard the Azure or in the Kuvah'magh mission used to be tied to accolades that you got for helping everybody, just like there used to be one for killing 100 Borg during the tutorial (the high spawn rates in the Khitomer's engineering section were useful for this, but it still took a while).

I totally agree about the DSE spawnpoint problem and about the dialogue boxes popping up at exactly the wrong moment in certain missions (I mostly got that during exploration missions where I had to defend an outpost from waves of attackers, as soon as one went down the box popped up and I couldn't get away from the core breach unless I was careful). And I can totally agree with the pathing issues, particularly on suspended terrain: one of the late game maps has you walking bridges over fire/lava and the BOs tend to just stop for no reason or sometime jump right over the railing to their doom.

A lof the things you mentioned are certainly annoying and can break specific missions, but some are so minor or rare that they're probably not a high priority. Bug report them every time you see them, though.
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# 3
02-26-2010, 09:23 AM
Accolades? I never noticed anything like that, I thought they were still disabled or something.

As for the rest: yes I considering *most* of them as rough edges that should've been evened out during beta -something which never actually happened. None of them may fall into the significant or game breaking category, but definitely the many small things that ruins the big picture category. There's also the fact that most of them don't really require very much effort to fix either.
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# 4
02-26-2010, 11:19 AM
Fixes would be nice. So would more missions for Admirals. I currently have no reason to renew my subscription. I was hoping for raids and such with this latest patch but nothing. I guess they have to the 3rd or I'll have to temporarily cancel my sub. untill there is some new content. Been fun so far!
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# 5
02-28-2010, 03:50 AM
Bumping this up again in hope of dev replies.
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# 6
02-28-2010, 05:09 AM
In answer to your title. No.
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02-28-2010, 06:33 AM
that is a nice summary of a lot of little irritating bugs, I am sure there are more.

There are some annoying immersion type ones, like in the mission where the defiant comes to help you it doesn't have a single phaser cannon, just beams, it felt so wrong!
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06-03-2010, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by Lotti
Space NPCs spawning inside terrain.
This happens on many different missions and the best example would be "the borg hunt" on kerrat system where enemies spawn either asteroids or structures and are thous invulnerable because you can't target them. In best cases you're able to fly your ship into the same structure/asteroid which allows you to shoot them down. In worst cases you can't but somehow they're perfectly able to target and shoot you.
This one is practically a game breaker for the Kerrat System, which is where 1/6 of my daily "Mark of ___" missions are.

For most of the things you need to scan on that map (fly up and press 'F'), the borg spawn within the terrain and will hit you, interrupting the scan. The only real way to do it reliably is to have one player fly in to grab aggro while a second player scans. In many cases, it's impossible to find a place to scan from without being attacked, and frequently the borg in the terrain can't be hit by players and can't move out of the terrain.

For me, this is the biggest issue I have with the game. It is extremely easy to reproduce this.
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# 9 Pathing
06-08-2010, 02:59 AM
Nope, not fixed yet. My away team has split up and moved 50 meters in opposite directions and apparently moved inside solid objects (Rock formations) while enemy npc's fire disruptors at my back. form inside solid objects also. Hardly seems fair...:p

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