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Kudos to the mission designers on this one. The dialogue from Q was spot on with what I remember from the series, especially loved when he called Adm Janeway "Kathy" lol. One problem and one suggestion:

After defeating the Jem Hadar looking boss Borg (which was sweet looking), he didn't drop any loot. Are bosses in this game supposed to drop unique loot, or just loot at all everytime or is it random? Cause In addition to the quest reward (which was all right) I would really like to see something drop from a boss character. I'll admit I'm a loot *****, at least maybe a green?

I was a tad confused on why we never saw Ben or baby Jake Sisko since that was kind of what the whole ground battle was concerned with. If we have to make sure the halls are clear so they can get to the escape pods, at the end have a bunch of crewmembers run by (including the Siskos) to give another umph to why you just killed all those Borg. Maybe explain it by Q making you invisible to them so it doesnt ruin the timeline.

Other than that a delight, keep missions like this coming!

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