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Im ok with the many of the various BO specials, but it feels that the emphasis went too far away from the basics in many cases.

Nothing should make you immune to a large swath of weapon types(FBP and RSP)...temporary buffs? yes...with significant buffs coming with possible drawbacks though.

Nothing should be repeatedly and faithfully shutting down whole ships(VM), though sub-systems are totally Trek.

Deminishing returns...we need them in PvP. Certain skills need to have deminishing returns in PvP sessions. the most dramatic deminishing return would be against a player that has already had the special done to, with teammates/faction players having a reduced deminishing return if its done to them later. Each use needs to weaken and shorten the duration of the special significantly. This reduces the dependence on spamming specials and puts the priority back on basic weapons, shields, hulls and maneuvering...it'll come down to using your BO skills wisely.

Lastly, we can just multiply the affects or the ability of a ship or system without checks and balances. We can "extend shields" around another ship and essentially have a ship's shield sub-system magically doing double duty. You've just allowed a ship the ability to do for itself and an ally, something its unable to do even for itself...double down on its shield HP. Even worse, it has no drawback to the user...its a magical perpetual energy machine...creagting energy and ability out of no where...come on, thats elementary natural sciences stuff. Yeah its fine to bend those laws to justify the basic operational feasibility of these ships...but not for creating a special thats beyond basic functions. You shouldnt be able to extend shields to provide anymore shield HP between the two vessels than the extending ship currently has available for its own defense. In fact, the extending of shields needs to spread the shield HP amoungst the two units...essentially halfing the effective shield HP for both as a best case scenerio.

I'd like to see less Harry Potter and more Sci-Fi/Trek in PvP. We can get back to basics without eliminating the BO skills....less just make things less gadgety and certaionly less spamming of these gadgets.
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# 2
02-26-2010, 02:39 PM
Stacking is a problem. VM, Sci team, RSP, FBP, etc. I don't know if the dev's even considered it but leave it to smart players to take every advantage possible.

There need to be either more uber type skills or less. If there were more then you would have not be able to have one build fit every situation.

Maybe there should be negatives to skills like RSP, FBP etc. While using them might save your bacon for a second you might open a different can of worms. IE engines down or reduced, vulnerable to other types of damage etc.

The combat system is fairly basic atm. I could be much more complex.

The one issues that stands out for me is that there is very little written information on skills and which corresponding trainable skills and equipment add to them. I see lots of references to undocumented things helping a skill that is not mentioned in the info section of the skill or the item.
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02-26-2010, 03:14 PM
I personally enjoy the mystery in findging out what actually helps a skill...though I wish it wasnt so linear...it makes it too easy to exploit and over-boost.

i wish secondary items that improve a skill didnt just allow one to keep cramming more and more of it into boosting. So maybe if a sensory array did act as an undocumented secondary booster to a skill, the next boost may not come from adding more sensoray attributes, but from something completly different and even unexpected. Even the order in which thee attributes are boosted could affect the bonus. Keep it as convoluted...yet reasonably believable as possible.

That being said, more uber stuff isnt needed...more BO skills, yeah, why not. But more uber isnt the answer. Many skills need to be less uber.

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