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# 1 A discusion on ground combat.
02-26-2010, 03:09 PM
So ive been super sick for about 4 days and playing video games is even to tiring, but thankfully im starting to feel better, however in that time i did some thinking about ground combat.

Ground combat in STO is obviously important and at times i find it fun.
However something just doesnt feel right. and we know some people streight up hate it.
Now my only experience is as a Engineer, so im using that as my basis.

First i was thinking about all the 3rd person "action" games I play like gears of war and mass effect , drakes, right now im playing dark void etc.and what makes them so enjoyable.
Well you get lots of ammo, it takes skill cause you have to manually aim, so keeps you involved.
And whats a 3rd person action game these days without a cover system?

Now obviously STO ground combat isnt a 3rd person action game, what is it? its not an rpg exactly either and this is where the problem is, I dont think anyone knows.
It looks like one, it has guns, it has a couple abilities which as an engineer involve me place medical gen, place shield gen, place phaser turret, launch drone, and then engage the enemy and click 1 till its over....
Thankfully since autofire has been added back in I CAN TURN IT OFF lol, cause if i used auto fire there really would be nothing to do!.
I look to tabula rassa which i played for a while it had some issues but generally combat was much more satisfying than sto, i kinda hoped it was more similar but TR failed not because of its combat but because it was rushed, too short and had no content end game....sounda familiar.....It actually had higher reviews aswell.....but i digress.

So what this game needs IMHO is a more TR style of combat which is easily doable and dare i say necessary.
First We need a sticky style target system that locks on to the enemy.
Which we basically have.
Then we need Reloading....I know but! ammo is important in every shooter, and energy cells in star trek can run out, we need to be able to reload and swap them, maybee even later getting ammo with bonus stats?
new craftable item etc.
A basic cover system of reduced damage when behind cover would be nice but not the most important
Most important We need a new control system as follows.

Fire Weapon Mouse Button 1 (hold or click)
Alt fire (expose or exploit) Mouse button 2
Use F
Melee E
Reload R
Lock Target Mouse click tab to cycle
Holster Weapon H
Toggle Zoom /aim Mouse button 3
Jump Space bar
Crouch C
abilities 1-0

Now one positive thing about ground combat is the waypoint system...well mostly, it sucks trying to place Wp's in combat people get in the way and all kindsa problems, which leaves you only able to do it in advance but that limits your placement options.
First off Please Make the markers alots smaller, do we really need a giant red circe, i GIANT white arrow and a number? there huge and distracting and ugly, and serve no purpose.
Just a nice little trasnparent ground marker is all that is needed.
But Also
Allow me to make preset formations
Give me more squad controls quick comands like
HOLD POSITION (they stop where they are and stay there)
REGROUP (they all return to within close range of me.
ATTACK (they will move forward and attack first target that gets in range)

And if i give them a way point comand, and then tell them to fire on my target WTF! do they run off after the target! i mean seriously i told you to stay there and shoot grr. sorry building up some rage here hehe.
Breathe must stay constructive.

Some BO's use abilities way to much my engineer is putting down a new medical generator before the old one disapears etc, wether were in combat or not, im standing somehwere wundering where he is, and oh there he comes over the hill oh no he is stoping to place another generator lol, i wanna take that skill away! (WAIT I CAN MAYBEE I WILL LOL) Sadly im not sure how to make them smarter.

So anyways i think this is getting long enough.
Big things
New control system
cover system
better BO control/options
And now with the new control scheme we have freed up some space on the skill bar we can have more skills...

One other thing Is making ground combat more challenging, one thing that STO i think has wrong that is not seen in other games, is the shield system, they go down pretty easy, but they recover super fast, i suggest doubling there size atleast, but making it so they dont rehcarge untill your out of combat, then you would have to use hypos and shield batterys which would add to the excitement, cause right now those items are vendor trash im captain 8 and ive never used either..thats broken.

well discuss.
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# 2
02-26-2010, 03:23 PM
Cover is fairly canon as well, how often did they crouch behind barrels or cargo containers or whatever rocks or rubble happened to be part of the set on the various shows?
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# 3
02-26-2010, 03:46 PM
Let me start by saying I love the ground combat in Star Trek Online; I also know it can be improved.

Things I want:
∙ Clearer warnings about what other players are doing to you. Sometimes you have no idea that someone stopped your weapons from working or your shield from working. Would be nice to know without having to look too much at the UI.
∙ Item Standardization and Balance Pass. We need the developers to REALLY look into how stats are stacking for some items and if these things are creating "overpowered" scenarios.
∙ More Ground Maps.
∙ More Ground Objectives. (Carry and Protect)
∙ Balance of teams; 1st person loaded into map loads with all 5 Bridge Officers. As players join they beam into the location where that bridge office is and the bridge officer beams out.
∙ 5 vs. 1 (Higher Rank) - Like 5 Lt. Commanders vs. 1 Commander.

Things that would be cool:
∙ Free Aim. The engine can handle this and calculate, it already does for Cyllindrical AOE, regular shots would be a smaller cyllindrical attack that only calculated for 1 target.
∙ A reason not to use auto-attack; like using it does less damage or shots are fired more randomly.
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# 4
02-26-2010, 03:52 PM
I know its probably too long for some of you to reead but bump hehe
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# 5
02-26-2010, 04:22 PM
Comeon you know my new control scheme that i totally stole from pretty much every pc game ever made is the **** !

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