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# 1 Just a bit of venting.
02-26-2010, 07:56 PM
You know, sometimes I just want to post a point, in the form of a joke, or vent in a joking manner...and mostly about STO (and some forum topics).

Having posted one such post, but not many catching on (since they felt it was in the wrong area), I really don't have a big "sounding board" anymore...or feel I can't post in Ten Forward about such things (that are not too serious and. like I said, makes fun of other things).

It is like the Monkey-with-a-gun posted about, the other forums tend to be all debate and hate-or-whatever. He (and most of you) needed a place to go where one can "know your name" and joke around a bit.

Well, as much as I agree with him, I try to keep on-top of subjects (but not everyday) and sometimes it can overwhelm a person. This is true especially since our Dev Zinc let out with the "state of the game". Now we got the Death Penalty Debate raging and people wondering what Zine meant by those who "Get it". (I will be the first to admit to knowing EXACTLY what he meant by that, but I am one of the folks that comment was directed to...but others...well, they "don't get it". :p ).

So, this post is a bit of a "cheat". Yeah, I am the WRONG forum. So, I'll feel guilty...but still posting this up, because human communication and wanting to say something sometimes goes hand-in-hand with human social interactions.

Anyway, keep up the good times.

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