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Hello, I am Nickelpat. I have been playing MMOs for about 3 years, spanning titles such as Huxley, City of Heroes, World of ********, Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, Vanguard, EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and many free titles, such as *********, MapleStory and recent "Kinda MMOs" like MAG and Global Agenda. I believe that my experiences have covered all "Sub Genres" of MMO. I am not a master or all knowing, but I have seen many games and many features. Anyways, here is my feedback on Star Trek Online, categorized and filed under headers for your convince


Graphics are the first thing you see when you start a game (save for menus), albeit far from being all that important. But hey, who doesn't like pretty things. I like my pretties. Pretties are good. Personally, I think Star Trek Online is a pretty. Very pretty. I love the character lighting, textures and the art style overall. I find it a nice stylized realism. The space graphics on the other hand, they could use a little improvement. They are far from 'bad' but some of the lighting is lack luster and some texture work is hit and miss. I've had breathtaking times in space, and times I thought 'meh'. Overall though, I do like the graphics and I think they're perfectly up to par.


The second thing you see, and more pretties. Although, considering functionality I like the UI. Some of it is clunky like the equipping but I enjoy many elements. The quest log is clear and I LOVE the captain's log. I do think that comparisons should be always there, I don't like having to open my main window to get them.


I am highly disappointed. Although I came in thinking I could land on a planet and explore a large landmass and discover cities that players may inhabit. I didn't expect many planets like this, maybe one per system or less, but some. As much as I like the Genesis System, it's not being used quite enough. I am the kind of guy who wants large landmasses, that would stay there. I find less fun exploring something that will just go poofy next time. At the same time, exploring grants little reward. The little things given aren't quite enough. I would like to be given EXP, with the scope of exploration in Star Trek it could make a whole new line of advancement. maybe let us discover materials for crafting (you know, once it's fixed so it's actually worth something ).


I enjoy the space combat, it has a nice tactical feel. But, it needs penalties for death. I think EXP debt/loss would be good. Maybe monetary loss? Something like if you dies ten times in a row without repairing your ship it gets destroyed? That way people can't just keep slowly chipping stuff down. It also needs to be more difficult. I also enjoy ground combat (surprise, surprise). I've heard a lot of "There's not enough skills" but to me it's very much movement based. I would like to see the rolling actually work though. At the moment it works like World of ******** or Lord of the Rings Online where you lock on and really don't miss much even if I roll. Maybe go in a Tabula Rasa - esque direction with sticky targeting where aiming doesn't matter all that much, but matters. I wouldn't mind seeing more difficulty there either. Death penalties could come in the form of EXP debt/loss, monetary loss, and equipment damage/loss.


It's a little... primitive right now. There's not much to it apart from reading from text prompts and answering a short quiz. I know it's too much to ask for a Mass Effect like dialog tree with moral options and all that good gunk but there does need to be a more engaging system. I really have no ideas on this one though although I would like to say, it should be possible to advance almost only using diplomacy as well. Variety = Awesome.


Like history, it's bunk.


The classes seem to fit into the MMO Holy Trinity and not break the mold. I don't like this. I would think there would be an exploration class, a crafting class, trading, etc. Star Trek is a big world and it has been reduced to just Starfleet. I would love to see it expanded. Let me quit the dull and drab Starfleet and join something else. Let me be a freelance trader. It's asking a lot, but it'd be awesome and it would just vastly expand the world. I mean, imagine having an exploration class that is the only one that can lead planet explorations to find new permanent cities. But, they are lightly armed. So they higher two tactical officers, one science officer, and an engineering officer for security. After buying their products from a trader, who would have bought them wholesale from a crafter, they would set out. The exploration team would be a good 14 men strong (exploration leader would get their whole team, each player would get one crew member) they set out. These would be big and difficult. It would definitely not be an everyday thing. Master coordination is the key. This would be on of the "Epic end game events". After discovering the city they would radio a trader that was orbiting, he would beam down, bringing things to establish the town (tents, survival stuffs). The explorer's team would then proceed to set it up with the explorer. The crew that came along may need to clear out some enemies in the surrounding area and set up walls. This city would become populated with some NPCs on completion and the discovering explorer would name it. A plaque and statue would be erected, with all players participating and their names engraved. They would be famous in the world of Star Trek Online.

Other Thoughts

The ground combat feels A LOT like Champions. The game does need more choice and depth as to ways of advancement and what not. I do like the game still.


Great. Love it. More ship options would be welcome and of course, full ship interiors. Possibly quests related to it? Most action in Star Trek TOS took place on the Enterprise (I've never been huge on the other series'). Maybe quests relating to finding your teams' backgrounds. Maybe random quests pop up, like invading tribbles, or a Klingon got on during a shore leave visit.

That is it for now. The two big things are the exploration and variety headings. Those are the ones I really want to see.

Thank You for Reading

- Eric "Torey Scott" M.

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