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With open beta and since head start I have been playing this game for around 7 weeks, give or take, and whilst I have a short attention span with MMO's, I find that I am still enjoying the game. Sure I wont be playing for ever, but I'll keep coming back to check out new content and expansions.

After a couple of months I usually get bored of a game, single or multiplayer and move on, yet I still log on to play STO. My main character is RA5 and I'm waiting for new content by playing an alt, and going down a different career and ship confiq and I'm still enjoying it.

The game has many, many faults and problems at the moment. PVP is a joke, the overall game is too short, Crafting is horrible, still more than a few bugs but for all its problems, but I am still having fun.

When I play this game, I take it for what it is and I am enjoying what is there, not always looking for things that are not there. I'm not focusing on the negative. I also can't get too worked up over a game. I've played hundreds of games in my life, some for days, some for months. Some I have gone back too and some I will never play again. They are just games, a way to pass the game and relax. For all its problems, STO is somewhere in my top 20 of games I've enjoyed playing.

Ignoring the fact it was released too early, because we all know it was, how many people are still enjoying it, still having fun? There is a lot of negativity, some more than justified, some is just people being pedantic, but who's still seeing the positive? Who is logging on every day because they enjoy playing STO, regardless of its faults?
Or has most people now grown bored of the game?

Would like to know, thanks for reading.
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02-27-2010, 04:20 AM
Personally im playing once every now and then. I may log on once in 3 days to do a hand full of pvp encounters but thats about it (I have reasons other than 'this game sucks!').

For the main part I still find this game enjoyable and I also acknowledge that more will be added soon and its all good stuff.

Give it 2-3 months and this game will have a lot more content to keep people happy. All games start off like this in their infancy. In fact most games start off worse with a lot more downtime and the like.

I just wish theyd let me go cardassian tomorrow :p. Guess ill have to wait.
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02-27-2010, 04:22 AM
Well it still has its fun moments but I'm really tired of the same old dailies and chasing lowbies around through missions I've done and redone and redone ad nauseum
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02-27-2010, 04:23 AM
Honestly man, congrats. You have more patience than I do. Currently I'm in lurker mode, just checking out forums periodically for updates.

Personally, I'm finding myself having more fun with my free ipod touch apps than with STO lately. No matter how much I can wish for STO to rapidly improve with new content, I know it won't happen overnight.

No matter what, I'm always hoping this game improves drastically, but for now - Just gotta wait it out.

Happy adventures within STO, keep havin' fun!
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02-27-2010, 04:26 AM
I too get bored easily, especially with MMOs, so I tend to have 2 or 3 chars running at the same time - Commander Tactical, Science Lt Cmdr and a Fed Klink Engineer Lt 10. When I get bored with one play-style I go to another.

I'm enjoying the game and will stick with it, but it desperately needs more content/variety and needs to be more 'Trek' in it's focus.

Having said that, BC2 is out next week, and then there's Napoleon:Total War....

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