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The Immortal Ones is a close-knit fleet founded in Spring 2012. The core group of players have played together consistently for almost a year now. We are looking to add new faces to our fleet. We believe that the most important thing for our fleet is to make playing STO more enjoyable -- whether you are an expert player or a newcomer to the game. Currently, T4 Engineering has 8 days until it completes, and we are less than 10K points from completing Military and Science. Both diplomacy and recruitment at our Embassy are T2.

Since having fun is most important, we have no requirements about participation and we understand that real life, work, studies, and so forth take priority over STO. We have a liberal policy allowing new recruits to purchase items from the fleet and ship stores as they please. We also allow new recruits to invite friends to the starbase to just look around or to purchase items, so long as the friends are respectful toward others.

Our only membership requirement is that you be respectful and kind toward others. We believe that this makes playing more fun for all.

If you are interested in potentially joining our fleet, contact @aquinos, @denizenVI, @pdonowick, @tomcatfp or another member of our fleet.


1. Will I be allowed to purchase fleet ships and/or fleet weapons with provisions?

A: Yes, when you join the fleet, you will be able to make fleet purchases as needed.

2. Why are you recruiting now?

A: A couple of active members have recently left the game, and we are trying to add more people who enjoy the game and want to have fun.

3. When are people usually playing?

A: We have a significant contingent of North American players and European players, and people are usually on throughout evenings and nights in both regions.

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