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# 1 RedShirtArmy Episode 2 podcast
02-27-2010, 09:24 PM
Week two for RSA has hit us and we've uploaded Episode 002 for your enjoyment. This week we add in our second co-host, discuss a variety of things and announce our contest winners of the 10 Day Buddy Pass contest. Should be hitting our RSS Feed and iTunes section soon.

You can get it with a direct MP3 download ( )

Show Notes Episode 002 -

Quadrant News; We go over the patches from the last week and a big discussion over the State of the Game, some key points of updates for the future (end game content!)

Tactics - Which Tribble is for you? Tweedle gives us some inside information about the basics of Tribble breeding. And we discuss some of the finer points of weapons choice (standard weapons or gear that procs? decisions decisions!)

PvP/Tactics - We go into a brief discussion of the lack of death penalty hurting PvP gameplay in STO currently. Is it too easy to die and jump back into the fight?

QQ-Continuum - Crying over hitting level cap in 3 days? Nerdrage over the slightly out-of-canon mechanics of the game? (pssst its a game). We highlight our QQ of the week as we give spotlight a user on the offical forums and why he *gasp* has insider info on Gamestop & other retailers taking massive refunds for the game! (pssssst, they aren't, you can't return opened pc software..)

Don't forget you can keep up to date with immediate RSA/STO news at our Twitter feed,

Got a question to be read on air? Want to record an audio question and have us play it on the air? Email us at

Check us out every Saturday evening as we give you a new episode of RSA. Coming up for Episode 003, we'll have a closer look at some specific Tribble breeding, some PvP pointers and how to vaporize almost an entire pack of ground enemies at once. We'll also be giving out details for our Episode 004 contest, which will be a copy of the game as a prize, stay tuned!

For more information and previous episodes, you can always plot a course to our site at


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