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02-27-2010, 11:53 PM
Biggest thing that will get you killed is crew loss. I find that if I keep my crew up with tactical team, I can repair my hull well enough that I can be turning around to dfiferent shield facings and keep 3 opponents shooting at me indefinitely.

They really need to fix the crew loss **** because its annoying, especial spawning with 0 crew.
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# 12
02-27-2010, 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by Digglez
Biggest thing that will get you killed is crew loss. I find that if I keep my crew up with tactical team, I can repair my hull well enough that I can be turning around to dfiferent shield facings and keep 3 opponents shooting at me indefinitely.

They really need to fix the crew loss **** because its annoying, especial spawning with 0 crew.
imho, any "death penalty" regardless of how mundane needs to stay out of pvp.
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# 13
02-28-2010, 12:49 AM
Yeah, it's an interesting love hate. I'm flying one now, learning the ropes, before I most likely switch into the BoP or Negh'Var for the long, scientific haul.

-I was under the impression, which was supported by GMs (like they know or have a uniform opinion on the matter), that releasing a full complement of critters was intended. Replacing them in battle is the only part that is locked to two critters. This means a carrier decreases in utility in a prolonged battle.

-The damage potential is fairly high. I was generally at, or around, the leading damage dealer in our premade (a negh'var). If he was 290k I was 270k, etc. They're constant dps though, only super helpful in focus fires.

-The inertia on the ship is stupid. I'm literally a whale repeating what it saw on Tokyo Drift. That is if I don't Full Impulse reverse before initiating combat. If I think I'm gonna get pegged I stop at 20km prior to initiation, turn on regular reverse, and will begin to regain control at around 10-8km to the targets.

PS: Rare video of a Vo'Quv being pursued by an Escort. Check out how he Ejects Warp Plasma to deter the attacker.

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# 14
02-28-2010, 07:35 AM
I've actually done about 10-15 matches and I've not been able to get my dps over 100k legitly let alone with swapping all of em out. I also spent about 2 hours pve and it was even slower, now granted the carrier may have a specific role toplay and thats all its good for but when I'm usually the only one in my queue its rather pointless to not be able to kill anyone 1 on1....

But didn't say I was giving up on it. that being said to you carrier pilots, whats your BO loadouts on your carriers?
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# 15
02-28-2010, 08:03 AM
I thought I should chip in here with my experiance of using a carrier due to all the hate and definetly the last post here regarding not climbing over 100K of damage.

My Klingon char is a BG5 Tactical officer with it's usual perks towards firepower. I'm rolling a Klingon Science officer atm to see which one I prefer in the long run.

However, as everyone else here I found myself in a 4 vs 1 situation in the cracked planetoid. I thought I should wait a while to see if I had some more Klingons joining up, but sadly that was a lost cause. Just for the **** & giggles I stayed in the arena and took them on. I'm not a PVP guru, but I have done my homework.

I actually managed to kill two of them in a fierce battle four versus me within the first minute. I went down in flames a while after that, but I stayed and had some fun and I were really surprised how I could annihilate a few of them considering the armament on my carrier. A few minutes or so before it ended a few more Klingons finally joined up to my relief.

When the scoreboard came up I had 561K damage done by my single carrier. I weren't the only one surprised, but that shows it CAN do some heavy damage even if I personally believe it's there for a supporting role and nothing more. It's not a DPS-machine as the BoPs, for instance, nor should it be.

Besides the obvious advantage of 'Attack pattern alpha' as a TO etc, I will list all and every aspect of my setup here. Mainly because I want to see more carriers out there and I myself is standing on the shoulders of others who have done a great job putting two and two together giving me a good view of what can be done when it comes to loadouts and the bridge officers.

I'm fully specialized in Disruptors and I use 6 Disruptor turrets on the carrier. This to get sustained firepower where it's needed. This alone is not much, but coupled with Rapidfire 1 & 2 (chained) it's raining hellfire.

Bridge Officer skills I use:

Rapidfire 1 & 2, Jam sensors 1 & 2, Science Team 1 & 2, Feedback Pulse 2, Viral Matrix 3, Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1 & 2

I'm sure I have forgotten one or two here, but these are the major ones I use continously throughout a fight.

Again, I'm not a PVP guru but standing on the shoulders of others so I don't take credit for coming up with this loadout in any way. I can only say it works for me at my skill level.

If someone has some suggestions for loadout alterations, they are all appreciated.


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# 16
02-28-2010, 08:53 AM
Agreed. The Carrier is surprisingly flimsy despite its looks. It's no where near as tanky as Federation cruisers. DPS ranges from poor to mediocre. It makes a decent support/tank with the correct BO skills, but as people have already pointed out, different ships with the same BO skills can tank just as well, if not, even better than the Carrier.

There is no bug with the hangars. You can only choose one type of hangar and summon one type of ship because it is locked in combat and you cannot equip anything new. Once you're out of combat, you can change equipment. As of now it's a normal STO game mechanic that is seen throughout all aspects of the game. Just like how bridge officers can be switched out of combat to have access to other skills (which stay, even when the BO is unequipped), or how Science classes can switch personal kits to buff themselves out of combat and stack near 100% damage immunity in ground combat, or how Engineer classes can create a variety of mass fabrications. It's simply a game mechanic - not a bug. Of course, game mechanics are always subject to change and be modified in the future.

Besides, all of the hangars are useless except for power siphons, which are easily handled.
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# 17
02-28-2010, 06:57 PM
It's not an exploit. The official word (the only one we have is from a GM) is that it's working as intended. For people who haven't tried it, here's what happens:

You launch both BoPs. They have a cooldown of 3 minutes. You switch to your fighters and launch them. If you switch back to the BoPs their cooldown is still ticking. That right there should tell people that it's working as intended.

The cruiser is intended to use all of the pets at the same time. The limitation is that you can't switch during combat. If you had enough bays for all of them at the same time then you could relaunch them all during combat, which is why there are only two hangar bays. Launch as many as you want prior to combat, but during you're stuck with what you have already in there.

I suggest that anyone who disagrees to level up a Klingon and fly one. You may as well be piloting a caterpillar
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# 18
02-28-2010, 07:42 PM
so yea carriers are great but they need either other carriers or negvar with them to help them tank

a carrier has a really big sign on it that says shoot me now you have to play this ship like s smart fed will play there cruiser

you go slow almost never usinge full impulse and you stay togther

if you get 5 guys in carriers or optomily 4 carreris and 1 negvar the carrers sit ina ball within 5km of eachother and heal eachother while using there pets to kill the feds now if the feds are dumb and leave the carriers outa combat and just engage the pets ither ridcously esay for the carrier blob to win
but if the fedsare good and know what aoe skills are they can make the carrier ball a deathtrap ive had games where ive had my premade teams we where all ina ball and the feds came in and every one of them used a orp spread and the sci vessle also used a grav well on us between all the aoe dmg + the deaths of all the pets exploding on top of us it set of a chain reactoin that blew us all up now the odds of coming across a fed team that 1 knows what its doing b is aculaly fit to counter carriers is rare

but as i siad the key to doing well as a carrier is to think like a fed and ball up with your buddies for mutual healing
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# 19
02-28-2010, 08:23 PM
I've been meaning to mess around with it, but I currently run with leftovers from my T4 BoP setup:

1x Beam Array
1x Turret
1x Torpedo

3x Turret

Beam Target: Shields II
Rapid Fire II

Engineer Team I
Extend Shields II
Auxiliary to Structural

Science Team I
Polarize Hull I
Hazard Emitters II
Transfer Shield Strength II
Scamble Sensors
Tyken's Rift III

General synergy is to use the shield disable paired with a Tykens to disable RSP on a focus fire target--or the stock Aux + Tykens for FBP. Grabbed the torp because "why not". Doesn't add to my considerable weapons drain and on the rare occasion a quantum HYT + Ramming Speed really lays the hurt on--can break 40k burst with it. 5 support skills, 3 self tanking skills (paired with Damp field). And then Rapid fire for basic dps. Nothing too fancy, nothing stacked. Plus keeping my nose pointed in the right direction is a real challenge. Keeps me on my toes!

While not typical, I saw someone else had an imbalanced start of a game which inflated their scores. So why not.

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# 20
02-28-2010, 09:07 PM
i dont tank in my VOQuv. that's crazy talk, unless you have 3 or 4 groups of every pet spawned (Energy Syphons, Hull repairers, BoP's and To duj's) you're really not at optimal performance.

agreed, it's not as tough as it looks. i think best way to use it is for shock-and-awe type of effect, more of a support role. show up fashionably late to the party (to get a good nymber of pets spawned) and turn the tide. also, show up on the other side than the group goes in on.

Scramble Sensors + Gravity Well + Sensor Scan + Photonic Fleet + Dampening Field

confuse them + keep them Fedballed and start Kinetic damage (shields are gonna be getting eaten on if you're getting there late) + increase the damage taken + pop more 'decoys' so when SS comes off em the have a harder time Tab-targetting you + then throw up the DField to buff your Photonic Fleet.

then i go to my damage / repair rotations, depending on how the battle is going.
but i'm Sci, this would be diff for Eng /Tac. but that's how i roll.

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