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# 1 pvp insight from a klink
02-28-2010, 07:44 AM
Not speaking for all the klingons of course but I'm going to make one observation here to you feds. PvP is what we do to level, pve is not worth grinding to level its way to slow. PvP is the fastest, but only if we win, because loosing gets less sp for us(unlike fedside I've been told loosing increases their sp sometimes more so then winning but Im' not sure if thats true or just a troll, i've seen a klink say that but I've never experiened it). After doing that over and over and over and over for however many tiers, a lot of klingon pilots will just want to end/win the match quickly, in whatever way works the fastest.

You guys get to take breaks with pve content out the ass...we don't =p

Untill the big update I'm sure klinks will be very aggressive and you just probably need to wait it out for a month till some things come back into balance again.

P.S. I've loaded into a map and have been spawn camped by feds, especially on the capture maps where feds can kill all the defensive turrets like they were play things and win the map that way.

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