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# 1 Current State of PvP
02-28-2010, 08:14 AM
Lately i've been hearing alot and experiencing alot of hostility in the game because of a few skills that are unfair in PvP. Some of them are simply overpowered and others are . There is also some missing mechanics that would made PvP a lot funner, simple to input but still missing.

Basic Mechanics

The first of these is the PvP match ques. It is unacceptable the amount of games joined where the teams are uneven. I suggest that once you enter a game, you are removed from the other match ques.

The next one is spawn camping. To fix spawn camping I suggest a staging area. This area would be like the place you were before warping to the battlefield, so that after you die you can regroup and go through instead of being picked off 1 by 1 for the rest of the game. Furthermore to stop spawn camping at the start, give players a 1 minute timer before game starts where everybody is in staging area preparing, then everybody in the staging area would be warped to the battleground.

Third is time wasting. This is usually a losing klingons tactic, where they will sit in cloak on a far edge of the map just wasting fed players time because they know they have lost. I propose a mechanic that ends the game when there has not been a fight for so much time. Say 5 minutes of no fighting and the team with the most points would win.

Skills in Space

The first of the unfair trio is Subnucleon Beam (SNB), this skill puts all of your abilities on cooldown for an average of 24-30 seconds. It has no cure and only science captains can use it. Every time it's brought up its "get teammates to help" or "its got a long cooldown" or some silly excuse like that. A skill that renders a player useless like that generally isn't fun. I suggest changing it to something like a buff remover... removes 2 buffs (to get rid of things like reverse shield polarity... or tactical officers dmg buffs). This change would however, need a counter. For instance another skill like polarize hull would prevent it from removing any OTHER buffs, but instead only removes polarize hull. Sort of like polarize hull "consumes" the SNB.

Another frequently complained about skill is Viral Matrix (VM), this skill is like a "hold" in space. It can be countered with science team and attack pattern omega. The use of "Team" abilities is permitted during the hold.In my opinion holds do not belong in space, so personally I would remove it. However, this skill isn't as unfair as most make it out to be, as most people will have science team to remove it therefore it is up to whether a hold in space suits the style of a space game.

Feedback Pulse (FBP) is another suspect of Cryptics balancing issues. This skill reflects beam damage back to the person firing the beams, the reflected beams are stronger than the beams fired and also penetrate through shields. The changes suggested to SNB could potentially balance this skill but the shield penetration still needs to be removed and it should be toned down slightly.

Cannon Rapid Fire is the last of the space skills that should be looked at. The skill itself isn't overpowered, just the fact that it can be chained. A 20 second re-use cd after the buff is finished would fix this.

Ground PvP

Ground PvP is "mostly" balanced in the area of skills, but there is 1 mechanic that sticks out that causes a lot of aggression and hatred towards ground PvP. This is the expose/exploit mechanic. The problem with this is somebody can run up to you, spam palm strike to knock you down until you are exposed then just vapourize you. A few things could be done to solve this problem :
Firstly, they could remove the mechanic completely. But personally I wouldn't like this. It is far too satisfying vapourizing somebody.
Secondly, they could reduce the damage on exploit attacks so that they would only kill somebody that is about 3/4 total HP (health + shields).
Thirdly, it could be changed so that expose doesn't proc with palm strike, but only normal melee and special expose skills/attacks so that you can't spam something to render the enemy useless and expose them.

This is just a collection of feelings - my own feelings and other peoples - and suggestions to fix the problems that are clear. I am not trying to complain about these skills, I am just simply offering suggestions to making everybodies playing experience funner and of a higher quality.
Feedback is welcome, as are other suggestions to improve the imbalances in PvP. If you are just going to troll me for pointing out the imbalances in the skills you use, please go to the game and make the most of them before they are balanced out.

I missed Weapon Malfunction for Ground PvP, it disallows the use of any weapon for a horrifically long time. An officer specced for it can remove your weapon for 20+ seconds. Only another engineer can counter it but it is still in need of a duruation nerf. 10 seconds would be a reasonable duruation.

Also science officers that use stasis field then unload all their debuffs until your exposed then just 1 hit you needs to be looked at, I don't know what could be changed to make it fair however so suggestions are needed.

Some suggestions or opinions may be biased as I play an escort and frequently die to some of these skills. If you do not like a suggestion, please make your own suggestions.

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