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02-28-2010, 03:38 PM
Over all I am liking the game, that is to say I am having more fun than frustration, but here are some thoughts that I would like to see added.

I would love to see added the following Starship added, Excelsior class and Oberth class at Lt Rank, the Ambassador class at the Lt. Commander Rank and the Nebula class starship at Commander Rank.

I also want to see Bridge Combat much like you can do on the Game Bridge Commander.
I want away missions that are more like Elite Force 2 and the old Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity, in other words missions that have more puzzles; so that instead of just running up to a console and hitting "F" you have to solve a simple puzzle or mini game. Like Need to reroute power then well you have a randomly generated simple Pipe Game where you have to route power from a source bypassing damaged nodes to the point where you need it or a simple logic puzzle to unlock a console.

here a few missions where you are in your ship and you need to repair a satellite well are nice if we had to beam over and do it, a simple wiring puzzle connect the red wire to the green one and so on, the possibilities are endless and with it being randomly generated with each mission so is the replay ability.

Right now away missions generally follow this format, beam in run up to NPC hit F read or not what he says does not really matter, kill some guys or not run up to the next flashing person or thing and hit f, hit v every now and then to find anomalies go to them hit F hit take all, repeat till done beam out.

Come on people lets have missions where we use our brains more than the F key.

I would like the ability to change or pick my Bridge officers Sex and Race when customizing them. Also I would like to have more uniform options for myself and them.

The Emote system, is not very RP friendly, would love to see the ability to go up to any chair and right click on it and have my Toon set in it and have it look right, then pick the emote of bridge set, or captain set.

Star Wars Galaxies for all its short coming had very good emote character or avatar movement and chat bubble system. I for one would love to be able to type something like /think and have whatever I typed after that appears in a thought type speech bubble, and so on.

That’s about all I can come up with now ill add more if and as I think of it.

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