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# 1 The 30 review STO..
02-28-2010, 10:21 AM
Attached is "The 30" assesment of STO.. (for those who do not know, THE 30 is a independant gamers group each with 20 years plus of online/gaming experience a close game review community and very well respected)

Im sorry to say that after getting to RA5 in only 2 weeks ( and that wasnt even hardcore grinding i just did it relaxed) and then finding a LEVEL Cap (which was advertised as not exisiting) I now have only 3 dailly's to do till the devs actually give us somethign for the money we paid/pay..

NOW... the 2 pvp daily quests i 'had' are not comming up for me. I placed a ticket to GM 5 days ago only to find today it was gone, yes totally aka deleted. No reply. A few others in our community have same issue.

I also submitted the auto bug thing where they give you some standard response (automated) so really its also not being dealt with..

I am not the ONLY person experiencing these issue's and considering end game consists of the following you should consider wether you feel misstreated or gettign a bargain... as follows..!..

PVP...Seriously unbalanced pvp either by allowing 5 on 1 battles(ground pvp) or the fact that aspects of klingons cloaking etc is way way way way overpowered.. So this is not an option or sure as hell aint paying for it...

CRAFTING.. well i dont need say anything about this.. Good try>< /fail
So we are left with dailies.. So far i have the B'tran cluster explorer quest as only one working.. but even if all three dailys worked thats 30 mins of playtime.. /fail. Still i would like to see them working and also a gm who actually responds to players and when in the wrong ( as you are for the failing pvp dailys)

REFUNDING THE AFFECTED PLAYERS.. FOR THEIR LOSS OF BADGES OF HONOUR EARNING. These buy items and keep the player developing their main character. Also give us 'something' to do but i sure as hell aint being left behind because cryptic cant hire good gm's or enough Gm's or secure the finance to relase a ALPHA RELEASE not a beta almost gamma... we should not be paying your development Costs for you Personally i would love to see someone sue Atari as they currently FALSEY advertise the game as including the raidisodes etc.. Perhaps then we will get a game released that works and has customer support..

Whats worse is we are sitting here thinking OMG.. blizzard were right.. ''you will be back''. And i thought they sucked, they are gods in comparison to what ive/we seen here and at **** and CO and many other recent failures. The WoW game isnt even that good and we cannot understand why this isnt beating it.. You have a concept with endless possiblities. Shame it wasnt endless ( i refer to ra5 and skill pts stopping and crap end content).

Its your own choice but our advice is all cancel your subs and play down your remaining gametime.. Then asses wether you think your gettign 39.99 game purchase and 10 a month worth in this Game? if you stay ''being loyal'' as they say, you will just be paying them to do their job as slow as they want.. The game will not fail if you leave/cancel subs, "it will be pushed to breaking point"( sorry to quote you craig) and perhaps instead of giving us pathetic fixes on issues that mean nothing to the real RA5 player base..

we MIGHT get some content.

PvP auto balancing we expected as standard>< wrong.. End raid content and a tonne of dailies we expected as standard >< Wrong. Allowing you to progress your char to its best within the rank allowance we expected as standard.. >< AGAIN WRONG!

All players at ra5 should still accrue skill pts.. at later releases add newer more improved skills to the next tree aka fleet admiral or kebab cooking admiral for all we care.. Just dont give them a short glimpse of heaven ( star trek fans like what they saw till ra5) and then tell them the gates are closed. Sure as hell dont hamper them with a 2 week level up and give them nothing to do after..

Breeding tribbles and the naff pvp system and crafting (no comment) and 3 dailys (god forbid you got them working) is NOT end content.. neither is "one" raidisode for that matter when it inevitably arrives.. And lets pray you dont put cooldowns on it.

Copies of this post will be on almost all the major sites in next week or so, thank you in advance for your replies. I will not be checking them as this is my and a lot of my friends/community combined opinion's expressed here and we all are playing down our game time. ( at which point they stop your ability to post honest comments.. make what you want of that)


A good honest game player/s who had enough of being shafted with broken game releases.

The 30..
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# 2
02-28-2010, 11:08 AM
Please do not cross- post. /Closed
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