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Five of my flight sim buddies have formed a small fleet, or rather task force as we call it.

Only two of us started playing from launch, the rest came in at different times, and we all have played differing amounts of time owing to the fact that we are all adults and have real world responsibilities.

We are used to "flying" together no matter the game we play, we all use Team Speak as well. So it is only natural that we want to run missions together. The problem arises that the missions don't seem to level correctly at times, and there is no predicting how it works.

I am currently Cmdr./9 Our senior rank is a mid level Captain. The other guys are all Lt. Cmdrs.

Today I helped run some mission with the lower rank guys and had a blast doing it, they ran thier missions and had appropriate level opposition. But the other night when our Captain tried to do the same, the missions leveled to his rank, even though he was not team leader and was helping the lower rank members. Needless to say the low rank guys were massacred in seconds.

Is there a way certain that works that will allow us to run missions together when we want to do that?

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