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The length of time it takes for tickets to get more then a cookie cutter response. Not to mention the lack of attention to the issue/details of a ticket where the GMs/CSRs just copy and paste responses. Says to me that you really don't care for the customer base that you need to give life to your product. This is because of the response I received and the issue I submitted a ticket for, the length of comment in my ticket all of two sentences which could be read in less then 4 seconds and either "no, yes, or I have to look into it" response.

I am not going to bother to retype out my tick request for my issue as my ticket was not resolved yet it was closed out by the GM. Even if the GM responded that he/she could not help me with the issue fine I would have accepted that. Instead of the lengthy copy and paste which wasn't even relevant in the first place.

You put yourself in this position out of sheer ignorance in not trying to understand the scope of customer base that you were trying to tap into. "We are to busy because we lacked support planning." Isn't a way to help a customer.

SOE is known for its poor CSR, I guess you guys want to follow in their shadow as well?

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