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# 1 Many Issues
02-28-2010, 06:53 PM
So I have mentally been compiling a list (if only I wrote them down I probably wouldn't miss nearly as many as I will) of issues that I would love to see fixed. I will categorize these items for readability.


Very Rare Items
Antiproton Weapons Turrets
Antiproton turrets are the only turrets in the game that not all ships can use. This can cause a lot of confusion as well as 'playing favorites'.
All weapon types (disruptor, phaser, antiproton, etc.) are suppose to be equal, having their specific use at different times. Yet antiproton are the only weapon type who's turret can only be used by the cannon weilders. If all turrets were this way, that would be different, however it is only the antiproton that are made this way. Now I know the argument that they were never meant to be equal hence why you can't just purcahse any type of weapon type from the daily points. I understand that, however this doesn't mean that very rare disruptor weapons don't exist, they do... and the turrets can still be used by everyone. You could also argue that antiproton and polaron are underpowered right now because admiral/general level players can only max out one skil (and it wont be one of them); fine that is also a valid argument. However all I am saying is that these turrets sould be on the same playing field as everything else, such that if a turret of every other type can be used by everyone, then the antiproton should be as well.

Antiproton Weapons Beam Bank/Array
This is a very simple problem, the image looks the same. This isn't that big of a deal if someone is actually paying attention to what they are buying, but it is still an issue that should be fixed.

All of the shields do not state anything about Absorption/Bleedthrough; do these shields have any? Probably, we can only assume that it is the same. 10% Bleedthrough on every one except resiliant which gets 5% Absorption and 5% Bleedthrough. This leads me into my next point...

Please state every stat an item has on the item. You may think antiproton weapons have no special ability, however if you click for more info then you find out that there is a chance that it will leak through shields... goodie!.. Whats the % chance? 2.5 like everything else?? Why isn't this stated on the wapon. It is very difficult to compare items and decide what you want to use when information is being hidden from you. There is no need to hide this info when it is shown for other items. One could say that it takes longer to load the info then, but I would rather know more information about the item and have it take 50 more miliseconds to load the info... then not know at all.

Manditory PvP
"Manditory" is a word I used on purpose here even though clearly it isn't truely manditory. What I am referring to is the admiral level Calhoun PvP mission. This needs to change... it puts too many people who don't want to play PvP (thus don't care about it and just want to get it over with asap) into PvP just for points. PvP to me is suppose to be fun and challenging. However when you need to wait 2-5 hours to get in a single match where 60% of your team is just there for points, it really deteriorates the want to play. A game should not 'force' PvP upon people, please see the PvP vs Borg Hunt for more about this specific argument. At one point it was switched from salvage to arenas, which I am sure there were complaints about by people based upon my first argument and perhaps changed back due to this. Either way something needs to be done; when people treat something in a game as work rather then for enjoyment, then you know something is wrong.

To my understanding the 'daily' quests have been switched from '24' hours to 20 hours. I put 24 in quotes because that was glitchy as well. So alright, 20 hours you say? So now if you were to do this properly then in 7 days you could have completed 8 instances worth, no? Does this still seem like a proper fix? I am all for the suggestion of a set time each day (doesn't matter the time zone, Cryptic is in Pacific, so why not go with that) it resets. You could then argue that someone who just turned 43 could complete the quest twice on the same day, that isn't that big of a deal. If everyone knew the rest time then this oprotunity would be open for everyone. Or another thought is that you could set the time for yourself, so each person is still on their own time for it, however it is set. This could be done as the renaming, cloth changing, etc. is done. Such that when you first accept the quest you are welcome to put a set time down for free, however if you wish to change it from there have it cost 10 honor/exploration (depending on the quest) so that no one can abuse the time changing ability as there would only ever be a loss by constantly doing it).

PvP vs Borg Hunt
So often either Makza or Calhoun (I am pretty sure I spelt the first one incorectly, i apologize for that) are available... rarely but sometimes both. They both give the same points, so at first you may think that you can chose either PvP or Borg Hunt for it (or both, but then honor is weighted more heavily then exploration). No where within the game does it describe how this works, can you do both? Can you do only one, and if so then why can't you choose? Is it two days on Borg two on PvP? If so... why? I am all for the choice between PvP OR Borg Hunt, but there is little choice you have about this, or know about this.

Borg Hunt
I am not going to list the 5000 bugs that everyone else has mentioned a 100 times, but seriously, buggiest place in the game? Yes!

Exchange System
There are a few bugs here, such as the rare chance that you see a different name of an item then what you are suppose to. Sometimes when I list an item it states a different name (although lists the correct item), ex. I listed some batteries for sale, however when I select the item it states how many Disruptor Turret Mk X's would you like to put up for sale 1-5 (I am paraphrasing as I do not remember the exact terminology). This isn't that big of a deal, just a weird bug.
A bigger problem is that when you 'buy' something but nothing happens sometimes when you attempt to purchase the item again then you not only buy that item, but a random other item (usually whatever is at the top of the list) as well. So if you were buying a combat impulse engine mk X and there are 5 for sale. The one at the top of the list is going for 3.5 million, and the second one on the list is going for 350k; you attempt to buy the one for 350k but due to lag or what have you, nothing happens. You wait 30 seconds then check your inventory and it is not there... so you try buying it again. Now 20 seconds later you not only bought the one for 350k but also the one for 3.5 million (sucks to be you isn't the correct response to this).

This is somethign that REALLY needs to change. If you are targeting an enemy and you need an engineering team to heal you, you click on it and 95% of the time it goes to your team mate that is at 100% health.... thanks. If you are targeting anyone except for a team mate, the buff should always be applied to you, not just someone at random to force teamwork. If I want to heal my team mate because he is at 50% and I am at 75, I will do that; however if I am being shot at by five guys and he is not, then I would much rather that heal... so I won't target him. The current way it works, there is a great chance that you will heal him anyway, and leave yourself out in the dust. This isn't only for healing, it is just targeting in general, EPS transfer, hazard system, it doesn't matter for the most part you are going to give it to someone else rather then yourself even if you need it more at the time. As I said, this is the only way it should work: If you are targeting anyone except a team mate, apply the buff to yourself. Now when I say "team mate" I don't just mean someone that is currently on your team, I mean anyone on your faction side.

Update 1:
Please do not state, and tell me, that I can train an officer in a skill that I can not. Ex. I am an Engie officer with maxed Cannon riding in a BoP. Upon maxing Cannons it said (and states in the stat screen on the right) that I could train my officers in Cannon Rapid Fire III if I put 9 points into it. However, what it neglects to say is that because I am an Engineer I can not do this. Maybe this is a bug, maybe I am suppose to be able to, but it is currently not an option. This is the same way with my Tact officer I have in a cruiser. I would love to teach my guys Engie Team III, however I can not. My biggest complaint is that the skill states that if I max it (put 9 points into it) then I can teach my officers this skill, yet upon maxing the skill, I still can not (nor is it offered at the Power Shop).

A second thought on skills. Why is it that when I teach my officers skills that I know does it cost points? I can understand when I go to the power store because I am 'purchasing' the skill; however when I teach my own officer a skill why is it not free?


Temple Offering
The problem with this quest (and I am not the only one) is when I completed it, it turns blue and has a check mark, yet never completes. It is still blue and checked in my quest status menu right now, yet not completed.

Current Quests
Often does the quest I am working on not appear in the side bar of quests. I have accepted it, I know it is there, and it completes fine. However the only way to get the updated data as to how far along I am in the quest is to go into the main quest menu and look it up. This isn't a big problem, just an annoyance.

Now there are probably 100 things that I will remember later, so I am hoping to add to this later... but until then I am out for the night. Please take the time to consider the things I wrote.
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# 2
02-28-2010, 06:58 PM
More on resets. What really is annoying me is that Karbos regular explore missions are timed from the time you COMPLETE the mission instead of when you TAKE the mission. The fact that I do not pvp, can only do dailys once, means that I have to wait 30 minutes after completing the explore quests. Frankly I think that is unacceptable as there really isn't anything else for us to do at this level. At least adjust Karbos explore missions to start timeing from the time you TAKE the mission!
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# 3
02-28-2010, 07:31 PM
Update 1 was too long, had to post this and future updates here.

Very frequiently when I am clicking on a skill or using one of my hotkeys to use an ability it does not fire. Sometimes I have to spam the ability for it to go, which is very problematic when I am low on shields and my reverse shield polarity wont go off until I have hit it 10 times. A friend of mine informed me that this happens a lot more often when I am firing a weapon (spamming space bar, etc.), this may be true, however I should not have to stop firing just to use an ability.

Another problem is that if you click a skill too often then it goes into cool down mode... normally this wouldn't be a problem, however if you refer back to my first point on this matter, then you know that I am required to spam sometimes... which creates quite the delema.

Update 2:
Targeting Cont.

I first want to thank Mortinaminus for informing me about how this is done, it makes a lot of sense now... however you did help me understand another problem I was having (and remind me of it):
When the enemy you are currently targeting has no target, then you can not use your skills whatsoever (the ones that require targeting I am referring to). One should not need to de-select (either using esc, the mouse, or any other form) the target just to use a heal spell. Breaking the flow of a fight just to cast a spell when targeting the enemy is a chore to begin with isn't that great.

Another thought: Today I was shooting a tricobalt torpedo at an enemy (I was alone in battle with it), and then I cast tactical team 1 (while targeting the enemy... don't get me wrong this was the wrong order to begin with, but that isn't the problem), and my torpedo got the buff. The reason being (pointed out by Mortinaminus) was that the enemy was targeting the torpedo rather then me. A minor annoyance, but adds to the frustration of targeting.

Carriers/Flying Junk + Scramble Sensors
The reason this is under targeting is because I do not think that Carriers are over powered, scramble sensors are over powered or anything like that. The problem comes from the whole targeting system in general and how to abuse it. As Admiral level Feds may know, targeting a carrier can be extremly difficult. They have a lot of little things flying around them, such as shield drones, birds of prey, etc. I don't think the purpose of these guys is to help block your ability to target them, however that seems to be the biggest problem. There is no easy way to target the enemy you want in the game, nor do I know how one would implement such a system, however I do believe that a player should take priority over a npc when it comes to targeting. The idea of scramble sensors with this is that it becomes nearly impossible to target the carrier who casted it again until the effect wears off completely (and even then you have to weave through the junk to target them). This isn't a big problem, so don't get me wrong, however I do not think that the most difficult part of fighting should come from the targeting system.

Quest Items

Efficient Engine
Thank you Illililili for reminding me of this problem, I am sorry you are having issues with yours, however I bring it up for a different reason. As an admiral the only useful item from quests in the game is the Efficient Engine. It may not have the greatest speed, or turn radius in comparison to some of the other items, but it is the only engine in the game (to my knowledge) that has + to energy. This is a problem simply because you can only ever do that quest once, and you have to choose which item you want from it. Unfortunately when it is first offered you may not know much about the game (It was offered at Lieut Com 7 I believe) and then you may not have chosen this item; which will put you at a disadvantage the rest of the game from other players that use it (specifically with pvp). My thought (as well as others) was that during the game there would be more engines of this type available, so choosing the item you needed then rather then later made most sense; also to my knoweldge this item is not available for Klingons at all. Oh 5 power, that doesn't seem like that much of a difference... right? Wrong, it is. I would much rather my impulse engines go at 40 speed and give me 5 power then impulse engines that go at 160 speed. If you want to compare a mk X engineering station can give +6 power to either Weapons, Engines, Aux or Shields (keep in mind, each one takes up a slot). So for an engine to give +5 in all fields is amazing, especially since it is the only one available.

Update 3:
If you drag an item to the chat window and send it out as a message (it doesn't matter who it is to or what chat you are in) it will dispaly the stats incorrectly. At the top of the stats of the item in chat will sometimes display shield information about the shield you are currently wearing (or I believe it is the one you are currently wearing, perhaps it was the last one purchased, it was hard for me to tell).

Buying Ships/Stats of Items
Whenever you purchase a new ship, you will only see the stats that are applicable to that ship. For example if you buy a runnabout (most famous example I believe) then even if you are normally riding in a Cruiser, the stats that will be displayed to you (by that item) are those of the runnabout. So your shields will now display 2000 (or so) whereas they sould have been 8000. This, however, does not effect actual gameplay, it is mearly a display issue. Your shields, weapons, etc. all are using their correct stats (to my knowledge), they are just displaying incorrectly. You can also still see the correct DPS from your weapons when highlighting a weapon to be fired.

Polaron Weapons
Polaron weapons state that they have a 2.5% chance to decrease 25 energy, however if you right click on the item and go to description then it talks about a chance to damage crew rather then energy. Which one does it actually do? Both?? It is very hard for me to tell, however it would weigh in my decission wether or not to use it.


Enter while Dead
If you accept a pvp match while dead then you are unable to fire your weapons at enemies (as they all look friendly to you), however they can still fire back at you. You also gain the unique ability to see cloaked ships as though they were not (probably because they are friendly), this comes with the loss to use any of your normal abilities though. Another problem caused by this is that you gain no experience, quest points, money, etc. because you were unable to participate in battle (you hae done 0 damage and 0 healing).

Today was the first time I was able to accept a PvP match while in B'Tran, so perhaps this bug is fixed, I am not 100% sure; it did however remind me that this bug existed. B'Tran (actually maybe it is all exploration missions, I don't know for sure) is the only place (other then already being inside of a PvP match), where it does not display when a PvP match is ready. Which really sucks when you have waited in the queue for hours only to not be notified that your position is ready and you can join. So you miss it, and only know by either looking at the PvP queues... crying about it and queueing yourself back up, or when it displays that nice yellow message saying that you have missed the queue. Which just so happens to bring up more problems with the PvP daily, as even if you have to run to the bathroom then you may miss the queue firing (which if you have been waiting for hours, really sucks).
Update: I confermed this today again, it does not show you the PvP queue when you are in B'Tran... however it did once, and only once for me. Meaning that this sometimes works, and sometimes doesnt (most of the time doesn't).

Update 4:
Tricobalt Mobile Device Launcher
This weapon only works about 75% of the time, the other 25% of the time the weapon fires and one of two things happen: nothing appears or the torpedo doesn't move. Some may say it was because someone shot it down and I was just lagging, or your target died. However this has been confirmed on many occasions when no one had shot it, and my target was still alive (confirmed with a few friends about this too, where I had shot them and they did not shoot down the tricobalt.. however it just never appeared, yet my cooldown was activated as though it had fired properly). I am not sure if it is the same with high yield plasmas or not, I haven't used those in a long while... however I don't recall this ever being a problem.

PvP & Abandon Ship
When you are in a PvP match and use the skill Abandon Ship, the amount of hull you have (after the explsion) gets added to your overall damage. So, if someone wanted to, they could go into battle and Abandon Ship 15 times (during an arena match) and have 15xAmount of Hull you have for the damage. If this is used properly then it allows for people to grab the highest damage in a PvP match w/o doing anything to help their team.

I can't remember the name of the kit (Grenade Satchel perhaps?), but one it's name using mk XIII rather then MK IX (which I believe it is suppose to be?).
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# 4
03-01-2010, 02:46 AM
Some more bugs for your list:

1. When you right click on Tactical Team 1, Security Team 2 or Security Team 3 they say:

Attributes which modify the magnitude:
Tactical Team Leader (Lt skill)
Tactics (Captain skill)
Security (Ltcdr Skill)

I have Tactical Team 1 and Security Team 3. As a Commander, I maxed both of Tactical Team Leader and Security which increased their magnitude to 18 and 30 respectively. This weekend I made Captain, and saved my points for 3 levels, then I dropped 3600 points into Tactics, taking it from 0 to 9. Result. Still 18 and 30. (I admit I went emo for a while at yet another character crushing bug, so I waited a few days to cool off before posting) So, either TT1/ST3 are only affected by 2 skills, unlike everything else in the game, or the tooltip is wrong and it is another skill, not Tactics, that affects the magnitude. Either way I would sure like my 3600 points back.

2. A whole lot of testing in this thread:

has shown that there is no difference between common, uncommon, rare, and epic cannons of a given level. The little numbers on the bottom that say "+20 crit severity" or "+4% chance to crit" do nothing.

Players who run beams report that they have seen crits when using special BO powers, but noone has been able to find ANY crits in non-special attacks. Since ALL cannon attacks are normal attacks (some are normal attacks fired more rapidly than others) then there is no value ever in using anything other than a common weapon.

I realize that Cryptic does not currently have a test server, but we would still like some sort of response to these issues, as they greatly affect how we are building our characters with the limited skillpoint pool available. If all the little numbers on Anti-proton cannons do nothing, then the only players that spec into anti-proton should be doing so for the chance to bypass shields, and not for the "leet purple epic with huge crits".

3. Finally, my "Efficient Engine" which was reported missing as a bug report due to your database corruption on Feb 2, and re-reported as a GM ticket on Feb 7, is still missing. We, the players, have determined the point of weapon power is to add to weapon damage to a maximum level of 125, and then every 10 points of weapon power above that lets us fire a second weapon with no loss in weapon power (damage). With my engine missing, I am limited by 5 weapon power points (one half a weapon) more than every other player that can min/max as well I can.

Please replace this for me ASAP. I would also settle for a Mk X engine with +5 or greater to weapons being made available to all players in the Mem Alpha Tactical Store. Hmm, +5 at Mk VIII, and +10 at Mk X sounds better though. And while you are there, make a +5/+10 shield power engine set for the science officer there. And a +5/+10 engine power engine set for the engineer guy there too. And a +5/+10 aux power engine set also in the science trainer.

Thanks for your attention!

PS Please note that I was very polite this posting, and I did not point out the specifics of what I really think of Cryptic's QA protcols, so I would appreciate a non-infraction response this time, lol.
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# 5
03-01-2010, 01:50 PM
Some days I feel frustrated posting these. Does Cryptic's bug hunt team even read all these threads? Or just the newest 5 when they log on in the mornings? Why are there never more than 4 or 5 responses a day? A simple "we know about this bug, and a fix is in the works; and then a line saying:

1. Expect this to be fixed in this week's patch
2. Expect this to be fixed in the next month or so
3. Expect this to be fixed once Tribble is running and we do some QA on it, as the underlying issue is complex
4. Expect this to be fixed in the next major expansion
5. This is a feature, and is meant to work this way.
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# 6 i can help with the quest
03-01-2010, 02:09 PM
The DS9 quest in which you speak requires that you take the turbolift to the operations deck and speak with the captain again for it to be completed.

There should probably be a tool tip stating this, but for now, this is how you complete it.
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# 7
03-01-2010, 02:09 PM
nice list on things, but a note on targetting.

When you use an ability like Engineering team or similar and you are targetting a mob the team will be used on the TARGET of the mob you are currently targetting. I actually find this beneficial as it saves time on my sci ship to swap targets to use sci 3 on someone thats 'tanking'.

If in a fleet encounter and I need to use something on myself I always press F1 prior to using the 'heal'.

However, there should be a toggle option or an option to have a secondary target to avoid having to use the painful click method of trying to select the mob you where just focus firing on, especially if smaller ships / teammates / torpedos are in the way.
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# 8
03-01-2010, 08:58 PM
Thank you all for replying, I did not know a lot of thing things that were posted.

Another note on targeting:
That is an interesting way to do it, but unfortunately not the most useful 90% of the time (at least for me). For the most part I don't care about the people who are shooting me, I would rather target someone who is shooting a friend of mine in a ship that has less shields, etc. This may mean that I am taking more fire then him though and consequently need more healing/buffs/etc. The problem with having to change your target just to heal yourself is rather absurd, so if they want to keep the targeting that way then please at least allow the option to change it. Please note the new update on another issue with targeting and carriers.
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# 9
03-02-2010, 08:52 PM
Update 3 is complete (please see the previous posts for more info), I am hoping to have update 4 done by tomorrow... but we shall see.
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# 10
03-03-2010, 05:17 PM
Update 4 is out, I will try and add more to it later tonight.

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