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These are two suggestions I would propose which would go a long way to making pvp more enjoyable.


Fleet actions already exist in each of the tiers (granted half of them are broken) but allow these fleet actions to be FvK engagements with players. Using WoW as a comparison, you can make these engagements on a 2-3 hour timer ala Wintergrasp.

Small scale engagement like the current pvp maps is okay (though it shows a real lack of imaginaion by Cryptic) but who here hasn't wanted to be part of a large fleet engagement? The nice thing about a large scale fleet engagement is that each level and class would have a role to fill. Imagine a core group of Klingon carriers supported by waves of BoPs.

You can increase objectives as well, throw in anomoly scanning, resource point control, and convoy defense (please stop ranking players solely on dps). Cruisers, as tough as they are, will be horrible at acquiring or denying anomoly scanning - so the small ships would excell. Flip side is escorts would pop trying to Hit the big starbase, so cruisers would be in demand. Convoys of resources being transported would make excellent targets of opportunity, and a chance for Klingons to use their cloaking strategically, instead of the current tactical benefits.

Make it look like a mini campaign, and flip offense/defense based on either the previous campaign, or it simply alternates.

You can replace NPCs with players, while buffing the side with less humans by increasing their NPC representation, so that the conflicts will always be competitive. By putting in several requirements, the pew-pews won't dominate.

Make some perament outcome based on these actions - pvp should never just be (as it is now) fight in a skirmish and then queue up again - that makes no sense, and shatters any concept of faction building, which should be a strong part of RvR conflicts.

Rewards can be multiple - loot to the victors, opens up several nearby system for special or raid-level missions (to get PvP and PvE interested in doing these campaigns) along with small resources bonuses to anyone on the winning side in the sector block.

This will also give fleets some sort of identity - imagine well organized fleets making a name for themselves in these engagements, or specific fleets focusing on one part. Over time rivalaries will develop, and that will give this game identity.


Since there is a lack of higher level Klingon players, allow people to pvp in any tier. Let them have 1-2 ship slots and BOs for any lower tier. Limit their skills to what a player at that level would have, and i would say rank them in the middle of that tier, so that the new players leveling through that tier will get to enjoy a level advantage (at some point) over the hardcore pvp regulars.

This is a necessity for Feds since it seems pvp really ramps off after about T3. I play a Klink (comm2) and a Fed (RA3) and i want to pvp more as a fed, but queues never pop. Let the players get their pvp, because that increased your chances of holding into players.

Right now a maxed fed - what do they have to do? They presumably have more money than they need. They do a few repeatable missions, and then sit and wait for pvp that takes hours to pop. That's not enough. it is not enough to say wait till the patch - they need content that is pve and pvp.

Final thoughts

As it stands now, i am beginning to tire of STO because the pvp system is even cruder than WoW's. I queue up for cracked planet and the graveyard. when CR goes i can tell in 2 minutes whether it is a win or loss - if the Klingon players won't team up and set up primary and secondary focus fire targets, we will always lose. If they are willing to coordinate and do the above, it is a guaranteed win. So everytime i plead with my team members to listen to me (or whomever) and let's be organized.

The ground pvp maps are awful as well, no wide open spaces where you can slowly advance - maps like assimulated cruiser end up just running around narrow corridors, hoping to run into someone.

STO needs alot of work if it wants to be more than a 2-3 month flash. You need to start 'refining' ala Blizzard the other games out there, and that means look at EVE, the X series game, Privateer, Elite, and emulate.

We need open RvR along the neutral zone - permament RvR with real consequences. Numbers don't matter if the smaller side can achieve meaningful victories - so give the Klinks objectives that take into account their smaller numbers.

We need player content.

we need mining, planetary development, planetary conquest

We need the ability to be a merchant, to play an economic mini-game - star trek was not a 1 dimensional comabat world.

We need research that allows new player invented weapons, ships, systems. We need rare minerals and materials for this that makes people either commission, or go, exploring nebulas to find these exotic things. We need deposits of rare minerals to be out there, so that player factions will want to conquer and hold these.

We need player stations, player designed and built ships, and the ability for players to make a sandbox to play in at high level.

we need T5+ player designed and built ships that are permamently lost on death, but give them some nice bonuses. PvP folks can then choose to fly these killer ships knowing the loss would be painful - or they can continue to fly their T2-5 ships that just get replaced. It lets the player decide his own risk/reward.

Let there be contested space where chaos rules, and people make their own way.

Let people complete their starfleet tour of duty, and be allowed to leave starfleet, and make their own choices. Right now the True Way, or the Terran Empire are just npc factions to beat up...what if players could join them? Surely for RP purposes, that would be nice...a xenophobe human leaves starfleet to join the Terrans, etc...

Folks who want to remain in starfleet can then be assigned sector/patrol/destroy missions against these factions, and that means you might run into real players.

factions could become strong enough to be a real threat to the feds, or carve our their own enclaves which requires pvp minded feds to organize to destroy, and let our npc admirals post bounties or war declarations against these entities - think letter of marque.

Let those factions be able to mine/exploit these areas so there is a real benefit for them to do these things.

The game as it sits is a very sparse framework with no fluff. I hope it gets content and fluff that makes it ooze star trekky goodness, because at the end of the day, its the license that will make the game interesting to potentially millions of gamers.


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