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03-01-2010, 10:47 AM
So, back at the beginning of January, my band was playing a 3-piece gig at the normal Sunday evening place. (3-piece is minus myself on sax and our harmonica player). The next day the lead singer calls me and tells me that there was this guy there who was an actor from Star Trek and he said he was Irish or British, he couldn't remember the guys name. We went round and round and I just couldn't think of who it was for some reason. I hung up the phone and the day after it finally popped into my head! I called him up and asked and sure enough, it was Colm Meaney! He apparently was chilling in Savannah and happened into the bar the guys were playing. He apparently talked with the band and enjoyed the hell out of the music, and dropped a nice sized tip in the tip I was so ****ed I wasn't there. I apparently would have been the only one there to recognize him! I meant to post this up just been forgetting about it.

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