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# 1 Away Team Control
03-01-2010, 11:21 PM
Ground missions are retarded enough as is. The only way I can find some fun in them is by controlling every aspect of my ground team myself. Full manual control and all abilities turned off and let me control everything is fun. Adds strategy. Please for the love of god change the interface/controls so I can better command all my troops. And it drives me nuts to send my security officer ahead to stand on a ridge far away from the rest of my team and when I order him to shoot at an enemy all the enemies immediatly rush straight towards me. The sec officer is completly ignored and it was he that fired the first shot!! The interface as it is now is very cumbersome to say the least for anyone wanting to play this way. Adding bridge officers view would also be nice as well. ANyone else on board with what I'm trying to say here?

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