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Well I had my first Borg away mission tonight and I was totally unprepared for the drones.

I would beat them down until they were at 1 health and just standing there and then next thing I know they are attacking me again. What was going on?

Then I noticed there was a Borg device on the ground. So while my away team was dealing with the drones I went after the device and destroyed it.

Now the drones started to fall and stay down. Yay I found out how to kill them.

Now that I knew what to look for, I was able to defeat the drones when I encountered them.

But while I was beating up on the Borg drones I also encountered Unidine. Watch out for the PsiWarriors. They are a pain.

Overall, the Borg are looking good but a little hungry. Are these drones the Super Models of the Borg Collective?

Can't wait until I encounter the Borg Queen.

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