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# 1 Detailed Fleet Logs Please!!!
03-02-2010, 03:22 PM
Dear Cryptic

Please expand the information that is included in flewet logs so we can SEE who invites who and when.

ie "accountname@accountname" was invited to the fleet by "accountname@accountname" at *TIME*

Our fleet is having problems with someone who is constantly being reinvited to the fleet whos has previously robbed the fleet bank, and we cant find out WHO is doing it.

Problem is that leaves us vulnerable to someone else (ie the inviter) being able to rob us in future if and when he gets enough permissions to have neough access to the bank to make this worthwhile for them.

So PLEASE expand the information provided in logs to be a bit more usefull than "willrobyourbank@earliestconvienience" has joined.

I would appreciate a reply indicating what if anything is in the pipes to resolve this kind of thing




We managed to find out who was doing it by demoting EVERYONE after a low priv officer booted the entire online fleet and stopping them that way, when they promptly left.

great NOT A PROBLEM NOW!! i hear you say.

yet we now cannot contact 9 or so of the members who were kicked so we have no way of reinviting them back as we cant /tell with just the character name provided in the logs....

Also how and where do we need to go to see this guy gets what he deserves, and WHO in the fleet needs to action this?

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