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First of all I love the idea of a PvP map that has objectives beyond kill-kill-kill. That being said, the implementation here is very lacking.

1) This would probably help all PvP maps, but there needs to be another layer to the map creation process. Sure it's great to only spawn a map when you have enough players queued on either side, but are they all going to go in? Probably not... have an additional holding area that makes sure enough peeps from both sides have committed to the engagement.

2) Add a minimum # of people for the map to begin as 1v1's and 2v2's in an objective map aren't thrilling.

3) Reduce the number of transports needed. Without any complication this map can take upwards of 50m with the slow warp speeds in tier 1. Maybe this gets a lot better later, but to be "on par" with other PvP maps I'm thinking reduce it to 10 transports.

4) Add a better description that explains the objectives fully. At first this map is daunting and strange.

5) If you have a 10v10 and 5 people drop add additional and/or beefier defenses at the handicapped teams mine.

6) Quickly punish and remove AFK'ers. =)

7) More? =0

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