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This is a point I've raised off and on but I can't seem to figure out why ground combat is engineered to be 3rd person in this game aside from the fact that it's built on the same engine as Champions and it's what most MMOs do: 3rd person with a roving behind or first person.

I think this has a variety of drawbacks.

It forces some settings to be large. It prevents manipulation of the game for cinematic effect (you can do more when you control what the player sees). It creates clipping when you beam out next to a wall. It highlights the simplicity of ground play, makes settings feel more repetitive, takes the suspense out of a line of sight system and is generally fairly bland.

I'm not arguing for first person since that's not that different from what we have.

I'm arguing for 3rd person fixed camera perspective (possibly with the ability to toggle between pre-set cameras for a better view). Possibly with cameras on a ceiling mounted track for hallways that follows players.

What would this do?

- It makes the game look more like a movie or television show.

- It gives developers an extra set of tools for generating suspense. (What's going on in the next room? You have to move into position to see. Think Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil.)

- It's an asset for puzzle play should they choose to add it.

- It gives developers more control over what environments can look like. You could have at least somewhat tighter bridges and building interiors if cameras were fixed.

- It allows developers to reuse map assets without them feeling as repetitive since a bit of change in lighting and types of camera angles used can alter the mood.

- It offers a way to cordon off areas without making visible walls so obvious. (Because your character runs out of sight of the camera before they hit the wall.)

- It can make the game less text reliant. Instead of just some text dialogue telling you Klingons have boarded the research station, you can SEE them beam in. Instead of wondering where that first mission objective is, the game can show you. Also a strong tool for cinematics.

- By controlling cameras, developers can better control environments. What the camera doesn't see isn't a lie. For example, if a bridge officer gets hung up on a piece of terrain, the game could intelligently "respawn" the bridge officer closer to you to fix the issue and it wouldn't be that jarring since it could be designed to respawn them in places where the current cameras won't see them.
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03-03-2010, 06:49 PM
Ok, to clarify, you're asking for a sort of RE type camera mode for ground?
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03-03-2010, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by NinetyNine
Ok, to clarify, you're asking for a sort of RE type camera mode for ground?
I'm saying I think ground would be improved if that was the default or only style and they reworked ground combat around it, making rolling, crouching, line of sight, etc. viable and not just fun options.

Maybe work in avoiding detection, getting your phaser knocked out of your hand and having to retrieve it, just ditch the standard MMO approach on the ground. Space has managed to innovate on the model and uses it well but ground doesn't seem to use it nearly as effectively.
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03-03-2010, 07:02 PM
I wish there was a first person view. Because sometimes during fights the camera ends up too close and it's hard to get your bearings.

But at the same time, it was nice that I could somewhat experience first person. :p

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