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# 1 Infected....Thoughts
03-04-2010, 01:02 PM
Gah, has anyone actually tried to do this mission? After about 2 hours my team just gave up. Overwhelming number of borgs, dying every 2 seconds. Awesome fun Cryptic

Here's a bit more information.

You will encounter borg groups of between 3-6. They will comprise of any of the following.

Infected Drone
Medical Drone
Tactical Drone
Heavy Tactical Drone (massive amounts of shielding)
Elite Tactical Drone (massive amounts of shielding, and will regen them)
Interlink Node (kill these first. No really, you want these dead yesterday)

As you are fighting these hordes of drones, proto drones will beam in behind you. these are fairly weak but give all the other drones flanking bonuses. All the drones will assimilate you if they reach you (heavy dot, hold). As if this wasn't bad enough every drone seems to be able to root you in place every 10 seconds for 9 seconds. Honestly I don't think I've done an encounter yet where I wasn't rooted 99% of the time.

Oh, and I have to mention that when you die, you respawn at the VERY beginning. This wouldn't be that bad except the borg will respawn very quickly. Now you might be thinking, whatever, I'll just run past them. Except they root you, which means you will die repeatedly.

If someone could please tell me what sort of awesome tactics you can use to make this possible in less than 6 hours, I'd love to hear it. I'll be trying it again tonight with my Fleet mates. Hopefully we can do it but I'm not exactly hopeful.

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