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Yo, sup all!

I am a noob, I've been here a couple weeks, dived into PvP this last one and am currently doing semi-ok-ish possibly maybe I think, in my lovely big fat slow Galaxy.

I'm an engi captain, and I've tried to go the route of beamsbeamsbeams & morebeams, so I've usually got a couple of EmgP weps in the boff slots, Eject Plasma, an EmgP Shields, an RSP, maybe two sometimes, high-yield for my front quantum and disable shields for being a pain. Sci officer is SciT1 and Haz2. I've got EPS power transfer of course, but for some reason even with all my skills into it's attributes my CD is still 1:15, seems like loads of other people have it 0:45, wish I knew how.

I'm really interested in finding out about other effective PvP builds for a big slow fattie like me though!

I'm stacking pure EPS transfer consoles for the massive phaser drain, Phaser consoles, and Hazard Emitters, some random Def dish and good old Mk IV efficient impulse, and I seem to score pretty well, but occassionally I see some Knucklehead walk in with their vor'cha, calmly wipe the floor with another fed whilst taking fire from say myself & others, and walk out.
If I start taking fire like I see some people do, I know I'd have everything into shields and praying my CD's are stacking favourably so I -might- limp out of it, yet I see some people take it on the chin whilst killing me & others, and basically I want to be that good.

So whaddya say, are there any professional button-smashers here that srsly know their shiz willing to drop a few tips please?
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03-05-2010, 09:29 PM
Personally, I'd suggest dropping Eject Warp Plasma and Emergency Power to Weapons. They are the perfect placeholders for Engineer Team (Improves all Engy skills + Hull repair) and Extend Shields (best team support shield heal in the game). I know that Engineer Team and Science Team share cooldowns, but if you use just two crew abilities, you can fit the two uses of the skills in before the most optimal CD of the first completes. My problem with EWP is that it's easily countered by a common support skill (Hazard Emitters) and it requires some mobility--save your cruiser for Ramming speed shenanigans! Emergency power to weapons is just a personal choice of mine, I'd think Engi team would be much better.

If you're hitting all your tank skills at the same time you're probably being inefficient. You soft cap in resists, with the asymptote being about 62-63%. Hit U, pull up your defense stats, and then toy around hitting defense abilities to see how close you can get to 40-50% through multiple CD's. You basically want to keep your resists up high so you can benefit from others' Extend Shields and buffs. You also want to keep these abilities on a repeatable cycle, so you don't have a glorious 15 seconds of tanking and suddenly give out. It sounds like you're doing this, so you might just be missing teammates throwing support skills on you. You're using rotate shield frequency right? Amazing skill. As a Science Captain I have to use Polarize Hull and Dampening Field in tandem as a substitute for it.

When all else fails or you get seriously FF'ed, pop your RSP and concentrate on hull/resist tanking. If you think the opponent has shield disables you'll need to manually (or preset if you have one) shift power to shields to avoid dropping them below 0 and interrupting your RSP--you got this covered I see. Emergency power to shields can also cure these shield subsystem debuffs--good use of the skill. Either way, keep an eye on your power subsystems for any foul play. If a system goes down all abilities linked to it go as well. You can either wait for them to come back online, or just slip power into the system yourself through batteries or by fiddling with the settings.

Your skill tree can also change these power settings. I generally run 100/50/25/25. Though with efficiency and performance it's more like 108/67/40/45. Would highly suggest toying with the skill tree builders to see what you can set up. With just +5/+6 in EPS I can quickly switch between anything. While this may not help you now, it can open up an extra engi console later on.

I didn't notice what you had for science consoles, but as of last patch hazard consoles now effect magnitude as well as duration of Hazard Emitters--they only used to buff duration of effects like damage resist. Since you have HE, use this to your advantage and get a couple extra k out of your hull heal.

Always remember: You have more console slots than any Klingon ever will, no matter the ship. So whatever skills they're buffing, you can buff better. Also, don't be afraid to just ask Klingons or Feds about what they're doing after a match. Many aren't afraid to give up their secrets. After all, it makes the game more difficult and exciting.

*If you're doing PvP, there is no substitute for a Resilient type shield. 5% shaved off damage is unbelievably helpful, especially when there's an entire team trying to kill you.

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