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03-05-2010, 09:31 PM
Should leave the Dentist Office of Death in there. Myself, I like the bridge fights.
Lt. Commander
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i for one am glad their not my mechanic.. the way they handle this game site is a frakking shame, World of war craft is better than cryptic will ever be.. and so is pirates online.. Ever since cryptic came out with this game and i will admit that everyone has a rite to be frakking upset with them.. They put the game out to fast because that is rite they were only interested in the money. Thier servers stink and the down time is really disheartening and really they need to revamp the the whole works.... Whaqt they should have done is to have had more beta test time and get all the bugs out... before releasing it to the public and taking their money... The better bussiness bureau in my state loves going after companies like this one and also the state attorney general office too.. Especialy since i do keep a written record of the days i do get on and the days i can't get on because of so called patching and servers down..Cryptic should have made sure everything was in order before undertaking the star trek online development.

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