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This is not a major problem as it is a quick and painless thing for us to do, but it is annoying. I was out doing my daily when I finished and decided to do a couple rounds of PvP before lunch on my day off. So, I get in and notice all my skills on my toolbar were gone except for the basic skills. Did a quick cloak since the basic skills were still there, and put all my skills back up. I finished the round and did another PvP and same thing happened again, so I fixed it again and logged off and reset my PC. Came back and did another PvP and this time my skills were not messed up, and I did another round and the skills were fine.

Not much of a bug, but still annoying when your trying to PvP and arent sure if all you skills are there to use. I am a Klink BG5, so it is not like I do not have more than a couple skills if anyones wondering.

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