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# 1 Infected issues
03-05-2010, 05:40 AM
Quick little story before the main point. Me and a friend on vent decided to try and 2man the new Infected mission. Well, it was not all that hard in the long run for what we wanted to accomplish. True we did die alot, but just two of us beat the borg tactical cube. And just a heads up for anyone wanting to tank the tactical cube, bring alot of hull patches since shield tanking wont work.

Is this intended or a bug or issue that is being worked on?

First, we took out one of the three communication deals and then the gate itself leaving 2 communication deals still there.

Second, we cleared out a few borg spheres and probes leaving just the tactical cube, most of the regular cubes, and a handfull of probes.

Third, we tried luring the tactical cube away when it showed up, major fail, but it somewhat worked. Since there were only two of us, when we both died it went back to its original point and was fully healed.

Lastly, since the place was fairly cleared out the tactical cube was a good 15km away from its allies. I was in a NegVah and my friend a BoP. I would get the tactical cubes aggro and slam my ship in full reverse back towards our spawn point. Well, this worked in our favor since if one of us died the tactical cube always had one of us aggrod.

My question to Cryptic on this matter is quite simple. Why is the tactical cube so easily guided away from its spawn point, and can you please make the tactical cube harder to kill by giving it harder hitting weapons. Maybe instead of heavy plasma torpedos give it tricobalts?

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