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I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.

This was done on my character Nezra, from around 6pm - 10:30pm EST, on 3/4.


- On my first attempt [failed] with a group, we were somehow able to walk through a part of the forcefield blocking entry to the final Boss Room. I'm not sure what happened. However, while trying to drop the generators, a few of us died. The group continued to die a lot, at some point the Forcefield was no longer passable. I'm guessing something glitched and when the forcefield was supposed to reset, it didn't quite do so.

- On my second attempt [successful] with a different group, we got to the boss. However, one of my teammates died and remained outside the room. When the boss spawned, she seemed to be stuck trying to attack the person outside the room. This made the end fight for the 4 of us inside the room, who didn't get attacked, easier then intended. After hearing reports of groups being 1 and 2 shot, it seemed like the fight was too easy, and this apparently was why. The person stuck outside the room did report being hit by the boss.

- After the boss died, the person stuck outside the room got BIG loot drop. Unfortunately, the shield blocking access did not drop in time for him to be able to get that loot. Once the boss dies, the shield generator should drop.

- On my first attempt, I zoned out, and zoned back in while trying to figure out a way to reset the boss room. I ended up getting stuck in my own instance, and was unable to re-join my team, or any other team, in the instance they were currently in. I tried restarting the game, leave and rejoined team. I was able to join the second team I joined by dropping the mission and picking it back up again.

- After playing around in the Boss Room for a while, we discovered, that right around when the 2nd person dropped from our group (probably 20 minutes after we completed the instance), the room reset, and the forcefield dropped. No Borg spawned in the room, but the Boss was there. We took out the generators, and unlocked the Boss. This time the boss fight was very difficult. However, we were able to glitch the boss again. Since the reset dropped the forcefield to the room, we were able to walk out into the hallway, and respawn in to rejoin the fight. If we stayed out in the hallway though, the boss would target us, but not be able to actually shoot us.


- Have 5 consoles just outside the Final Boss room that will drop the force field (door) to the boss room. They have to all be activated at close to the same time, similar to the 3 consoles sets inside the Boss Room. This will guarantee all players are outside the room, and give them a way to proceed on their next attempt on the boss. I understand you probably have scripts in place to do this automatically, but it's not quite working reliably, this will give the players a way to at least do something to continue on when the scripts get all buggy.

- I noticed you changed the Tactical Borg Cube reward due to a bug on it regenerating. I would suggest moving that drop from the Tactical Borg Cube to the Captain O.... (?) boss, instead of the Final Boss. This will give people enough reward for at least getting past the Tactical Cube and past the 2nd boss, but not being able to do the final boss fight, which can be a real showstopper. It'll still encourage PuG's and people to actually play, since they can earn rewards, just not the full clear reward. So, 2 a day (?) instead of 5 as a consolation prize seems fair, and enough to keep interest.
Lt. Commander
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03-05-2010, 08:19 AM
Bug - Also, during a Final Boss fight, my shield stopped regenerating during the fight and remained at 0 health. After the fight was over, I unequipped and re-equipped the shield and was able to once again have full shields.

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