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# 1 Fed versus Klingon
03-05-2010, 09:56 AM
Hi all,

First I would like to tell that i am not a native english speaker so there might be some mistakes in my writing.

I think a lot has allready been said about how strong the klingons are in the PVP and that it is sometimes not fun to start a battle, knowing that your team is going to be killed in a split second.

My real problem however is that the number of people that fight against each-other are not allways equal. I had situations where there were only 4 fed people inside against 10 klingons. Meaning that you dont even have to start a fight, because you will allways get killed before you are even started.

The endresults showing that the klingons have killed 85 fed and the fed 0 gives me the impression that something has to change. Ofcourse, there are people playing this game much better then the other and ofcourse there are people that cant play it all, but getting into the same results like above show that something is not right.

We as a fedteam should more get together in pvp. Dont fly your own direction to one point but stick together and help each-other. I am flying escort with cannons and give the final shot. Science ship should back me up to heal my shields and Heavy cruiser should take care of getting the klingon shields down. If we work together im sure we will get better results !!!

Love this game and play it every day. I am a captain 1 now and hope to see u flying around ,

Have fun, Raimond from The Netherlands, Amsterdam (Europe)
Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-05-2010, 10:57 AM
This goes both ways. I am all Klink and have run into groups that we slaughtered and we have been creamed ourselves.
Get into a group that works well together or maybe join a fleet that uses vent or teamspeak, I think you will find this makes the fight more even and fun (at least it does for me).
Honestly, I think both sides are pretty much equal, finding your BO skills/ship that fit with your game play with a good group and good commmunication goes a long way.
By the way, your grasp of the English language is a lot better than some of the English speaking folks I know.
I just saw your last line about your location. We have a guy from the Netherlands in our group...but we are warriors, should you ever decide to leave the comforts of the federation milk sippers and join true warrior, look me up, you are more than welcome to join in the slughter of the federation dogs!


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