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My game has been crashing, tons... I've only recently started keeping track and submitting these 40 minute error logs to cryptic. What happens to all these tickets? No one's contacted me to say "hey, we're looking at all the crash logs you've sent us" or "hey we've looked through the crash logs, try these please to fix your issues."

Here's just a few of my error tickets if anyone out there can actually look at them and see what's going on

Error Ticket: 9027001
on an auto flight to the eta eriandi cluster. the star ship was just completing a banking turn around a stationary enemy signal contact when it crashed

Error Ticket: 6792181
was in the middle of a fleet battle in a fight. I had just come out of full impulse speed and launched a torpedo while fireing beam weapons.

Updated from default win7 NIC drivers to most recent manufacturer drivers

Crashed after battle during fleet action Klingon Scouts. Caused PC to become unresponsive. Game music continued to play, but lost mouse and keyboard control. Could not Alt-Tab out of game or Cntrl-alt-del to bring up task manager. Had to reset PC, windows started in safe mode No error ticket generated because of complete PC freeze

Updated video drivers from 8.681.0.0 Driver Date 24/11/2009 to 8.702.0.0 Driver Date 2/2/2010

Error Ticket: 9112876
I had just double-clicked an item to sell it at the starship parts vendor on earth space station

Error Ticket: 10227592
in the middle of a battle with enemy signal contact. Came out of full impulse and launched torpedos, and fired forward weapons
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03-05-2010, 04:15 PM
They go into a tracking server. They are not tickets in the same sense as a GM petition or such, you won't get a response. The number is so that if you have a specific question about a crash, we can look it up on the error tracker server. Just pretend it says "Error report ID" or something.

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